When a person die, are they really dead or are they still alive in there spirit man? Now if they are alive then Why did God say if you eat from this tree Adam, "you shall die". Check out the lie Satan told Eve in the garden. In the 3rd Chapter of Gen. He said "you will not die if you eat from this tree. Can some one by scripture tell me what they think, and not your on thoughts, or your pre-suppose notion, but by scripture discuss this thought.

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"The Lord rebuke you" Be careful how you treat people.
In death the body dies and the spirit sleeps according to most credible interpretations. That's why there's a resurrection event that people are supposed to wait for. If you simply transitioned right then to "living in spirit form" then you wouldn't be looking forward to this event. What I have always believed was that you die and go to sleep but because you are completely unconscious you have no knowledge of the passage of time. Therefore, to you, it is in that very next instance that you re-awake. It's perceptually instantaneous. It's mainly the people that miss you that want you to be floating around somewhere watching over them.


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