Over the last few days the Lord has lain this on my heart

Many times whilst praying for my country and cities he has shown me the strongmen over theses places This same thing applies over all the world not just here in New Zealand
I have seen the strongman holding the church in his arms like a baby soothing the baby rubbing its back holding it to his breast hugging the baby just as a mother holds an infant to her breast feeding it caressing the baby loving the baby
Each city town has its own flavour i.e. its sin some its jealousy as in our town at the top some its gossip
These sins are present in all places and the order may vary

We have been bought up in the main as a people led by our feelings not the word if it feels good just do it like nike says
The strongman comes as an angel of light to deceive the hearts of the people
Now and again we have a move of God and some repentance comes and a little bit of revival starts but it doesn’t last long in the west because the people are led away by the strongmen rubbing the baby’s back feeding the baby on whisperings of gossip jealousy lust uncleanness and all fall back under the care of the strongmen
The pastors are afraid to preach against sin because the people will be very upset and leave the church So the word does not get preached in its fullness nice sweet short sermons on how god wants to bless nothing on bringing the people back to repentance
When young people come into the house scantily dressed nothing is said nothing preached teaching them how to live as its better to see them in church than leave offended then over time the spirit of God withdraws because of the sin in the house and we blame God for not showing up Knowing full well the word states many are called few are chosen
With the older ones it’s the same pattern and the spirit of God lifts slowly off the church So they get someone in to preach a harder message once in a blue moon because the pastors are too afraid to
So the strongmen hold the church in sin So God does not move and many in the church will go to hell because there is a famine for the word of the Lord in these days
Many will say but we caste out demons in your name healed the sick raised the dead Jesus will say depart from me I never knew you He only knows those who are in close intimate relationship with him its not a religion its relationship that’s what its all about
To win the battle we must fight the strongmen over our towns cities yes we can pray but there must be a commitment to God to the point where we live by the word not our feelings yes just do it the word

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amen sister the problem is in the leaderships i have obsevred many in youth positions greeters in a state of undress we are to teach them and bring them up in the nurture of the Lord God loves them so must we


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