When it seems as life is continuing to become harder as each day passes by, never fret, for you are close to reaching great heights in your life. When life continually gets harder continue to push through, remember that all of the hard work that you put in day after day will eventually pay off, and that it wont be much longer before you are supremely rewarded for it. If life continually got easier and easier, chances are you aren't consistently challenging yourself, and that your life itself has grown stagnant, and mundane.

Keep reaching for the goals and dreams that you create with your heart and soul, and every time that you are able to achieve an accomplishment, be sure to make another goal, and another dream to reach so that you will never stop growing in life. It may be getting harder for you every day, but never quit on your dreams, continue to push forward with God's strength and a strong heart!

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Prayer is the best armor against all trials.
Prayer is the best armor against the things that we all go through on a daily basis in our lives because it isn't just asking for what we desire, but when we pray we obtain closeness with God that we wouldn't be otherwise able to obtain. When we pray and when we really believe in the things that we pray, we establish a rapport with God that symbolizes us giving away our weaknesses, and taking in his strength to cover where we may lack.

Pray to God for comfort in times of sorrow, and for his will to be done in every situation that you are experiencing in life. Not only must you speak and pray things into existence but you must also believe with all of your heart when you are blessed enough to hear from God that what he says will come to past. Don't doubt, and don't try to take things into your own hands, just believe and everything you need to see revealed, will be


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