I attended a church meeting a few years back where the featured speaker was an acclaimed prophetess. After speaking on a scripture and delivering what we in Pentecostal circles would call a conventional message, this woman called out a few people in the auditorium to give them personal prophetic messages. Well, she pointed to me (I was not in a hurry to acknowledge this... I was several about twenty rows back and imagined she was pointing to someone else, until she got an usher to go touch me on the shoulder). When I got to the aisle, she spoke in my ear (she didn't speak out to the church these "words from the Lord" that she was delivering to individuals) awareness of a matter so private that it startled me.


I don't think I am well know in the church I was visiting that night, and besides the prophetess was from out-of-town. I cannot imagine how she would have guessed, or have known I would attend the meeting so she could have researched my life ahead of time... and besides she did not share this revelation with the assembly (so this wasn't a stunt to impress the church with her prophetic abilities). She gave me an encouraging prediction of how the difficulty would be resolved. When I made it back to my seat and told my wife what she said (my wife is a little skeptical about prophets, which is cool); my wife suggested that the real test is whether what she predicted comes to pass as she said, since there was nothing unscriptural about what she told me.

Have other members been given a personal prophecy?

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Yes, I have and I have given some as well. I know not every prophectic word is meant to be heard by the ears of everyone-which is order, because sometimes  God may have jut not wanted everyone in the room to hear or some prophets simpy don't like to give individual prophecies through microphones where everyone can hear if it doesn't include them, which is fine. I've seen these prophecies come to pass that God has used me to deliver and ones God has used others to deliver. The important part is, if it's from God, then it isn't a problem. As long as the prophecy is, indeed, from the Lord, then nothing is wrong.

I think you overstate the case: the New Testament prophet may sometimes speak to the immediate situations of believers. We can refer to Agabus as a model of how modern prophets edify, in his case by warning the church of approaching adversity [Acts 11:28, 21:10]. God can still speak through a mouthpiece to our personal concerns, as he did through Agabus, and it would not challenge the primacy of scripture as our guide and measure.

This has happened to me countless times, with and without a microphone from the prophet. Everything came to pass, but one time when a prophet used the mic he told something not so good and the congregation was stunted. My husband and I left the church and discussed what had happened. It was kind of embarassing. Well the prophecy came about. But I hoped that that Prophet would of told us another way. My husband was a minister of the this church at the time.

Yes I have. And most came to pass already. I was under the house of someone else for 2 years, and someone told me on Dec 31, 2010, that by March they see my house coming. It came to pass on the first week in March.

Another prophecy was spoken over my life that my family was speaking negative things about me and I was getting emails and text which I wasn't supposed to be. I told no one, but my Pastor saw it and spoke it. This is another thing which was true.

I also write a lot of different lesson plans and curriculums which no one knew. God used my Pastor to tell me to slow down and God was going to channel that gift for His glory. This is coming to past as we speak.

So I want to encourage all who might be a little hesitant about prophecies? Wait to see if they come to pass. If they do, you know it was sent by God. Also make sure what they speak is aligned with the scriptures.

true but what can be done about people whom are hung up on prophesies so much that they cant wait on God. Their faith is in the prophet instead of a prayer relationship w/God

Prophecying is nothing more than reading the word of God with understanding..... 

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