After reading articles by Mosaic Pastor and, I found some interesting facts about the

"Lukewarm christian." The bible tells us that, "he would rather we be hot or cold but that he will

spue lukewarm out of His mouth. In other words God wants us to be totally committed to the

works of the Kingdom. Not just some of them but, to strive to live holy and accountable to the work

that has been put before us. To exemplify the Fruit of the Spirit and to walk in love. Many think it is

just enough to go to church, or to pay tithes or contribute to the building fund. They are content to

be on Usherboard, Choir member,Musicians, Sunday School member, etc. without digging deeper

to realize that God is calling all of us to strive to do better. He desires that your whole mind, body and

spirit be dedicated to His service. As I read I compiled information that I believe we should conider. We don't want "half of God," so we must understand that He desires not to have "half of man." I have listed

some facts about the "Lukewarm christian" that I want to share. Here is the list as follows:

#1- they crave acceptance from other people and not God. The statutes of the Lord are what we should

      aspire to not what others think we should be.

#2- they gauge their morality by comparing themselves to others. Morality is an individual decision but,

      must contain the precepts of God, His view of holiness, honesty,justice and purity-not our finite

      thoughts as to what it should be.

#3- they give as long as it doesn't hinder their standard of living. As long as it does not interfere with

      plans, homes, cars, clothes, etc. One should not put their own desires of leisure before what  is

      done for God.

#4- they will do just enough to alleviate their feelings of guilt. When they feel guilty for not giving,

     cooperating, participating, etc. Then they want to overdo to makeup for what they lacked for

      a period of time. They overdo.Just do what you need when it is needed.Then there is no need for

     the conscience to bother you.

#5- they rarely if ever show their faith. It is almost as if they as ashamed to be christian. Today more

     than ever, it is necessary to stand your ground. You are the only example of what it is in the Bible

     that people will ever see. Let them see the fruit of the Spirit. Let them know that God loves them.

     Show yourself to be the best representation you can be for others.

#6- their prayer-life is almost non-existent. They turn to God when in a bind. When trouble comes

     they are the first to cry out "Jesus". Praying is our daily communication with God. There must be a

     communication on a daily basis to stay connected to God and His desires for your life.

#7- their hopes, dreams, ambitions rarely have to do with other people. They don't have thought to

     think of others needs, saying a kind word, being a good listener. Think of the other person. Give

     ear to a concern. practice what Christianity is all about always.

#8- they think it is okay to be okay. When you accept Christ in your life, you vow to strive toward the

    prize. This means you are always trying to do better today than you did yesterday in being a


#9- they want all the benefits of what Christ did for us on the cross whithout conforming or

     transforming their lives to service for Him. We should always remember what was done for us.

     The price was paid for us to live better, do better, think better, and make disciples of others. Christ

     died that we might live abundant lives in faith. Being honorable and consistent in our service for

     Him. We don't continue in sin. We walk after the Spirit. Meek and humble eager to serve.


*Remember that God is watching and sees all we dream, think and do. He knows our hidden motives,

He watches our steps to see if they are odered by the Lord. He has given us a road-map "the Bible."

Don't stray and don't detour. Stay on the straight and narrow that leads to Heaven. In closing I must

make this remark,"Everyone that makes it to Heaven wanted to be there." No one will be there and

say,"i really didn't want to be here." All that stay in the will of God will go to meet our King Jesus. It

is a priviledge and right given to us that remain in the faith. True the Bible says in these last and

evil days there would be a great falling away. What are we prepared to do about it? Do what the Bible

says, pray, bring them to the elders of the church and pray their restoration to the household of faith.

We don't want to lose any from the love of the Kingdom. If anything we want to gain souls for the

Kingdom. Let your light shine so that others will see the light of God and desire to be part of the

Kingdom Believers that adore the Lord.

God Bless,

Prophetess Teloria Williams


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Prophetess Williams:

Your post is a mini sermon!  Calling out this blight and stain on our Church Body is much needed.  The Holy Spirit is sending a fresh Wind of Renewal in and amongst us.  Words like this are causing a line to be drawn.  The time in America and even the world, of this "luke warmness" is over.  Its either the sheepfold or the goat pen.   Its time for all of us to decide.

#9 sums it up so beautifully. 

Keep being another voice in the wilderness, sister.

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4 John did baptize in the wilderness, and preach the baptism of repentance for the remission of sins.

God bless you.


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