The Biblical fast described in Isaiah 58 necessitated the absence of sustenance and personal consecration.  Fasting or “the afflicting of the soul,” entailed the lack of food, denying of the flesh and refraining from the mundane. Mere fasting minus consecration is man’s lone attempt to satisfy GOD. This is a futile effort; because he is simply not eating; and at best dieting.  Moreover, the overall extent of a fast may vary; depending ones endurance, and obligations.

  Believers are called to an incessant life of consecration. This setting aside helps us to exercise and apprehend the elements of The Kingdom. It is expedient that we make the conversion now, while time avails us.

  Nonetheless when both are performed concurrently they promote light (break through), health, guidance, prosperity and righteousness to the obedient (vs.8-14).  

  Fasting and consecration do not produce the anointing; they function only as a prerequisite preparing the vessel of GOD for this indwelling (John 14:17).

  The anointing (khrē’-smä) or the smearing is the operative influence of The Spirit, enabling the believer for service. This power (dü'-nä-mēs) which is given by The Father to the believer is acquired by prayer, the laying on of hands or merely asking. Howbeit it is a gift (John 14:16, 1Jo 2:27), as gifts are not merited.

   Therefore, the volume of the anointing rest not in the believers ability to live holy; nor his maximum of fasting’s; but rather is freely given by The Father to empower the believer to serve (Isaiah 10:25, Acts, 1:8, James 5:14, I John 2:25).


   One striving for the masteries should integrate these as a residual, that he may successfully ensure The Masters Plan!  -Blessings

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