For every two African American women that get pregnant one will choose to abort.
A Black baby is 5 times more likely to be killed in the womb than a White baby.
{Statistics from The Alan Guttmaucher Institute.}

"The most dangerous place for an African American to be is in the womb of their African American mother." Rev, Clenard H Childress Jr

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The real problem or issue is that no one wants to talk about how babies are created. Since everyone is choosing to overindulge in sexual activity outside of the sanctity of marriage it results in babies murdered by mothers. The real issue of abortion goes beyond Obama. The abortion starts in the mind of the young woman who first wants to kill the baby. She was seeking pleasure without thinking of the consequences. Now, I do realize that some are raped and molested, but let's face it, most are the result of reckless sexual behavior.

If women would just put a lock on it until marriage, then maybe all of these unwanted babies wouldn't have to be killed. And what's even more sad is those who choose to have the babies sometimes do it for the wrong reason. Let's look at some of these reasons:

- trying to keep a man
- to get government assistance
- couldn't afford an abortion
- trapping some guy for child support
- the list goes, on and on

Young women, please put a lock on it and young men lock it down. We are not wild animals and need to stop acting as such. This type of behavior either results in murdered babies or unloved babies that grow up neglected.

The reality is, when we look at the children who are born, you see mother's who can care less about them and thus they continue the cycle of the absent father or the careless mother. Strict teaching is in order and this wild fornication and sexual tryst need to stop. It is causing unnecessary deaths of little babies who were never wanted to begin with. People want pleasure not babies. So they kill them and jump right back in the sack with the next Jack.
Thanks for the sharing this haunting and disturbing video.

Is it my imagination or does the Obama governmental policies have similar undertones??
It is a stark REALITY!
In looking at the video, it shows how the world views our people. The depopulation efforts of these EVIL MEN AND WOMEN, are targeted at blacks and other non white races. This is why we must get our acts together and stop going through life as though all is well. Behind the scenes you have the white elite who wishes we never existed and will stop at nothing to exterminate us.

Sadly, blacks are exterminating themselves. My mother told us that when we were small children Living in St. Louis, MO, some white people sprayed racial slurs on the side of a building. It said, "Good job N!$%gers, you're killing each other so we don't have to kill you" Don't think for one minute that this atmosphere wasn't systematically created in the black community. It was systematically put in place by these people. (Hatemongers)

We as a people need to stop excluding God and letting our generations get worse and worse. We need to stop behaving in a way that is expected and show some respect for our ownselves. Stop having and killing babies and repeating the cycle. Let us model the families that Christ intends for us to have. Saved, married and complete in Christ.
Thank You Brother Scott.
I have been working with Pastor Childress, Star Parker, Alveda King, Johnny Hunter and Pastor Herb Lusk Jr. to share information about Margeret Sanger who founded The Negro Progect (Later renamed Planned Parenthood) which are placed in minority neighborhoods and also keep in mind our President overturned The Partial Birth Abortion Ban. We sponsored 35 Pastors to then Senator Obamas office in 07 and He would not even see us. Go figure.


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