Black Women Dont Want Good Black Men - They Would Rather Be Independent??

This Video was forwarded to me...
Does the Author Have A Point? Is there a Gender War going on?
***A few of the images are of half dressed women - I apologize. Close your eyes.

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The author did bring out some valid points regarding pride and arrogance of "some" black women. But there was one statement that I must respond to in disagreement, THE BLACK MAN IS NOT GOD!
"...But there was one statement that I must respond to in disagreement, THE BLACK MAN IS NOT GOD!"

I had a problem with that too. That was ridiculous.
After 25 minuets of making his point(s), he finished his presentation on an emotional apex of raising the black male god above his looked for black queen. Personally, I think he just allowed his emotions to get the better of his good judgment, such as in some of the 'skin' pics he included (they could have been air brushed or even substituted).

However, while I believe that there is more truth than fiction in his video, what he did expose is that there are about as many 'good' black men in this world as there are 'good' black women (30-35%), while about 70% of all blacks, men and women, are 'losers'. It is not as one-sided as the video suggests, i.e. black men are mostly great guys and most black women are bad ladies..

Another problem that was only hinted at: White men are by nature evil. Well, duh! While white women are at least a little better than white men and as such, will make better mates for black men than black women. The truth? We are all evil by nature, black and white (red, yellow, brown) and that includes both the male and female of the species.

So, what is that other problem? We have the same kind of 'strong white women' as we do blacks - just look at our society as a whole, we can plainly see that it is not being black or white that is at the root of our problems. We have a failure of of men to be men and women to be women. Biblical roles and areas of God assigned responsibilities have been misused and even cast aside, Even so, this is not a race or gender thing, it is a human thing! It is a mass insanity. And, as the hour of our Lord approaches, it is only going to get worse! I tell you the truth - it cannot get any better than it is already! Therefore, our job continues to be to reach as many as we can with the gospel of the kingdom of God, even while there is yet time. If only one soul at a time.
Bro. Bowman, you brought out some very truthful points. The sinful nature of mankind knows no color, race, or intellect. And no one should be placing anybody on a pedestal. With all due respect to the give and take analysis, I am a woman of God, a Christian, a follower of Christ Jesus . . .not a Queen and certainly not a Goddess.
Great - because I am not a king nor a god either! -Sigh- I have seen both of their jobs, and I don't like what I have seen: Too much work, too much responsibility and too little time off!
No, I did not think that you were going in that direction. Sorry for giving that impression! Like you, I don't think more highly of myself than I aught. And, your additional points are also well taken.

Grace and blessing
"With all due respect to the give and take analysis, ...."

Sis. Lee, I don't see where I mentioned your name in the above statement. My comment was a general reply to your general analysis.
No apology Sis. Lee is necessary. Let's just call it a slight misunderstanding from both of us. After all, maybe I need to carefully make my comments clear so that no one will mistakenly take it as a hit on him/her.

Much love in Christ Sis. Lee
Not a problem, sis. This kind of discussion automatically places all women in a 'suspect' light - especially if they are a Prov 31 kind of lady. While the speaker did in fact make some excellent observations, the basic premise of the video is most black men are losers and black women are the cause. The Hebrew word for that world view is the same as it is in Greek: Scapegoating.

Therefore, your reaction is quite understandable, and I should have been more sensitive to the realities of our society in my posting. Praise God that we do not have to play oneupmanship games within our holy family.

Sister, I love your attitude and your grace.
All I can say is Lord help us all.

There is so much bitterness spewing from this man than can be counted. Yes, he made some very valid points but it was hard to receive it when was coming from such a dark place.

I agree with Bro. Bowman.... sin has no gender nor race preference.

There is such sadness in my heart for the mistakes that I see soooo many people making. I'm nowhere near perfect, I've made some of those same mistakes due to stinkin' thinkin' .....

It's like a parents heart breaking when they see that their children are heading down the same bad road that they made....

The road of bitterness has ....a bitter end.
All I can say to the brother in the video is that there are 2 ways to look at things. I think too much focus has been put on the negative sisters and not enough on those that are better than what the video shows. Some don't see our sisters as you do because we don't focus on the mindless media hype of the negative. I know we can't ignore it but I just don't see other races putting together videos to tell the world how worthless they think their women are. We have women in all races that can make you look bad but brother let's look at our good women and make videos about them.



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