Preparing and operating in the authentic movement of God requires truth to address the issues that are hidden and even those that have been embedded in one’s spirit because of failure to acknowledge the wound. So the wound appears to be healed on the outside but just a rub of the spirit will cause it to bleed. To the naked eye the body of Christ appears to be operating in the move of God but there is internal bleeding.

On the front line their are Generals warring; however do you smell the scent that is in the air. It’s the issue of blood. In the natural we see blood at the beginning when life is given and in some cases at the end if murder or any other accident is committed . The blood that was shed on Calvary covers a multitude of sin; our forefathers bled and suffered for Christ and still are today; the issue of blood I am taking about is the issue that leaders fail to address within themselves and also the abuse of power they use to advance their kingdom while leaving God’s behind.

In edifying the body; the entire body must be address, for we are one body made of many members however we are found warring against each other. A double minded man is unstable is all of his ways right. So how can you be in two wars at the same time and be successful? How can you expected to win the war when you are killing the people who war with you (not against you; but the ones who are standing for the same cause as you). A dog eats dog mentality is breeding insane believers; insane meaning doing the same things and expecting a different result; getting in disagreements with this person and that person and then trying to advance the kingdom message. You will be able to advance the religious spirit but as far as kingdom we all know it’s about agape.

This is not about pointing anyone out; this is about seeing the bigger picture which is kingdom. It saddens me that many have no real idea about kingdom; in kingdom there is no division. When Jesus began his ministry in Matthew; we see him say Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand. Not Repent for this Denomination or that Denomination is at hand; but the Kingdom is at hand. The Kingdom allows one to see the bigger picture which is God in all of his awesomeness.

Lets deal with our issues and walk in the Love of God; as we do this: We will experience the Authentic move of God.

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This is a good subject. But I don't think you will get many comments. The good preachers on this network don't seem to want to talk to one another. Most of the encounters I have had have been self-promotions or bickering. I got on here thinking I would be able to talk with the saints of God and develop some useful fellowships. But, that hasn't happened yet.
I guess there are just to many wounded soldiers trying to lead the way. LORD HELP US ALL.

I was reading the 34th chapter of Ezekiel and I think it explains the problems you are seeing among the saints. I think I will post a blog and see what others think God is saying and to whom he is saying it to.

Keep preaching Sister. The Gospel has the power to raise the dead. Many of the bodies are already at the church. Most are even closest to the alter. Make God real to them.
Thanks for your reply .... Laughing at the fact that you said many will not reply... Jesus only had 3 in his inner circle from the 12... So the proof is not in the numbers but the anointing....
Excellent observation Ambasssdor Sykes as always, and I hear your heart. I also hear the cry of those who have been so wounded they cannot receive the ones sent to bring healing and restoration. The bigger issue surrounding wounded Generals is the deepening of those wounds by "FRIENDly FIRE"! Generals should be so positioned to command the armies, yet be so protected by the armies, that they are covered and not HIT by the enemy; especially not by one of their own. It's the those that are closest to you that can hurt you the most.

Nevertheless, as the Lord continues to transition the Body from Church to Kingdom (the bigger picture), we are experiencing a higher matured level of unity, love, joy, peace and fellowship amongst KINGDOM MINDED BELIEVERS which separates the sheep from the goats and the wheat from the tares establishing divinely appointed connections. I'm excited about the move of God in this season and am praying for those who are wounded on the frontline by FRIENDly FIRE.
Everyone who says LORD/LORD shall not enter there in. All who claimto be of the are not of the BODY/ Geanerals should never be on the frontline fighting/rathe I would say the SHEPHERDS walk among and behind the FLOCK.

As far as leadership having un-adressed issues/that is apart of being a MAN?WOMAN.

As a wise man is quoted as saying: AS A DOG RETURNS TO HIS VOMIT/THE FOOL HIS FOLLY..............
I am not denying the fact that we are human in any way. Like anyone serving God I have my issues. The ideology that I am addressing in this forum is this failure to address the issues if your a General ;this will lead to an infected body. True the Shepherd walks among and behind the flock but the key point is this the Shepherd knows the way. Why would a wise Shepherd expose sheep that he/she has been entrusted; to things that can harm or possibly kill them..... Man will NEVER be God... However we must be accountable...... The Generals and the Sheep alike....
Greetings Ambassador Sykes. Shepherds are called to lead and guide the sheep and not spiritually abuse the sheep by exposing their issues before the congregation. A spiritual covering provides care and nurturing. The enemy is the only one to be EXPOSED as working amongst and within the church and together, a unified church body, should take authority against it.
Great observation,thats all I really want to hear is the Kingdom.I truly believe sometimes people start off doing His will,in a great way,and end up talking i will.It's so many great minds out here,that even when a christian such as yourself tries to put the focus on the plan[ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN} the sheet comes unravelled.But I stand with you,seek ye first the kingdom of God,and the rightgeoueness,and all these things shall be added unto you.In the mean while,confront when cornered,pray without ceasing,and remember,we all will have to stand in front of God,and hopefully,He has seen our Kingdom effort.
Amen... my brother in the faith..... Minister QGAgnew God has blessed me to be a visionary before the foundation of this earth. Just as Joseph I know the visions, dreams, and revelations given to me by the Holy Spirit might put me in the pit; however just as Joesph it will come to full circle. As we see in the life of Joesph in the end he was in rulership over the very ones who put him in the pit and because of his experience before hand he was able to show them mercy even after the fact of his tribulation. It is very ptivol that the body of Chirst catch this message of kingdom. In kingdom their is no division but unity... we teach and preach of a God who is all knowing and all loving however trusting that he is the same yesterday, today, and forever more becomes the challenge to us as believers sometimes. Limited because we are human however victorious because of the blodd of Jesus the Christ we have authority.In no way should the authority and power be misused ; with the authority and power comes the responsibility to seek God first causing one to be whole in the process. Without being whole in God and continous being connected to him one will not be able to operate effective for the kingdom of God; maybe for the church but not for kingdom.

The principle of Kingdom is powerful and soul changing; and I am glad God has open my eyes to it as a young adult also I am grateful God has allowed you to encourage me and also connect with you considering kingdom. Today I encoruage you to continue to press into God and he will show his self mightly in you.... Until next time stay up and be blessed!!!!

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