(Feb. 5, 2010) – Marking the end of a language and an entire people, the last
member of the Bo, an ancient tribe that lived in the Andaman Islands,
has died.

When Boa Sr, as she was known, died last week, she was believed to be about 85 years old. Her husband had died years
beforehand, and Boa, whose name means "land" or "earth" in the Bo
language, had no children.

"She was the only person who spoke Bo," Anvita Abbi, a professor of linguistics at India's Jawaharlal National University, told The Times of London. "At times, she felt very isolated and lonely as she had no one to talk to in her own language."

The Bo are believed to have first come to the Andaman Islands – located
roughly 850 miles off India's east coast in the Bay of Bengal – 65,000
years ago. Bo was one of at least 10 pre-colonial languages spoken on
the islands.

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Wow, this is amazing and very interesting.
But I dont understand something - these younger people standing with her, look exactly like her.
They are not her relatives?

And another thing - isnt it amazing how we there are so many black people groups in the world? :-)
I love it.

The first I heard of this person was on CNN. I would imagine that some if not all of the younger people are related to her; after all, it's not unusual for tribes such as this to intermarry. I just hate that their language died with her. You would have thought that the remaining tribe members (young and old) would continue their language amongst themselves so that it will carry on from generation to generation. How sad.
We were scattered to the 4 corners of the earth...do not be surprised...scripture tells us this is what we would find..


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