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Can a 'Soul' die?

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A soul can die, yes. Ezekiel 18.
i agree JP---many super stars like physis hyman billie holiday coltrane jackson and others lost their souls and became stars---listen how lifeless their soul music became in the end...

star have no souls never wish to be one...
top question of the day..

What a figurative way to put it.
truth define truth bru james

Jesus... John 14:6.
to deep for me i am endanger species a hebrew and black...
even jesus did not pull that off...

I am not understanding you.
the hebrew is and endangered way of life --the lowest percentage of people on earth call themselves hebrews ?
U will never here a jesus thesis take the vow of Nazarite Y?
Jews Kill hebrews Y?
Niggers kill hebrews Y?
No one understand that as long as the hebrew is denied their right to exist in free state---under the laws of their DEUS---
the world will suffer----
that was the message of Jesus...
jkn8 a nazarite

Keeping the Torah itself among the peoples are becoming endangered. A Hebrew is not one outwardly, more, then he is one inwardly. A true follower of the most high is one who keeps the Torah, and trust in the Messiah for his salvation.

It's not about what color the original Hebrews were, for a Hebrew is known for his Torah observance and trust in Jesus. His message was not allowing Hebrews to be removed from oppression per se, but, to simply repent from their sins first, then Abba can restore all 12 tribes back to Israel. Restoring Israel to its original state is and will always be, until it happens, the main mission of the Messiah.
i follow no book moses followed no book--nor issac---nor abraham---not joesph---even jesus tossed the book at the jews...
fux the book its the blood the gene of DEUS--
that make the bru----
DEUS (not book)as said moses had no book in bondage nor did abram...
wake folks...

books are reference points not points of reference
Join the club Brother James... I can't understand him either..
Let's stay on topic please!

Again the question to the forum......

Can a 'Soul' die?




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