Can our young men and young ladies in the streets be delivered and saved in our cities?

Many of our children who once belonged to a church maded unhealthy choices and now faced with the problem in our cities...But only God can deliver them if they want to be delivered...By the way,should we be afraid to tell  them about the Lord and the fact that He can forgive,renew and change their hearts,mind and soul?What's your views on this subject?

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As painful to loose a loved one to the streets of violents,yet God is able to save our chidren of the streets...I strongly believe that the responsiablity falls in the hands of fathers..if the father would be an example,then instill the values given only learned in the church,thats a this belief i have came from my father..and i instilled it to my daugthers and sons,and they are doing the same with their chidren.
this raises another interesting point...i will discuss later...thanks for your input,and may God bless you in Jesus Name....lets begin to play for our street chidren as well as our church kids..


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