Can We as Christians not take a stand for the Gospel truth? Or do we just go along to get along??

 I hope that I get some feedback from the believers in here, I posted this in another Christian forum and didn't get a peep....I wonder why??  


Character is what you do when it is only between you and God and no one else can see what you are doing. I thank God that no matter how we try to justify ourselves...we cannot get around the Truth.
I Kings 18:21 And Elijah came unto all the people, and said, How long halt ye between two opinions? if the LORD be God, follow him: but if Baal, then follow him. And the people answered him not a word. Will we do the same or will we Answer That God is God no matter race, religion or creed and we will honor Him in all we do? You call.

Luke 9:26 - For whosoever shall be ashamed of me and of my words, of him shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he shall come in his own glory, and in his Father's, and of the holy angels. We have to make a decision as believers, either God's Word is True or we can do what we want to and vote according to the flesh and not according to the standard that God has set....You choose knowing that what is done in secret God will reveal in the open. Remember I am not asking you to vote for anyone but if you knowingly vote for something that is totally against God's Word how do you even justify this to yourself?? Abortion, Envy & Now Gay Marriage.....sometimes their is a clear difference in our choices...just make sure that you have prayed before making yours....this is only to those who profess to be believers....the Bible tell us that the world will love its own. John whom do you belong??

Democratic Party to add gay marriage to platform | The Ticket - Yahoo! News
The Democratic Party has added new language endorsing gay marriage in its platform draft, the Washington Blade reports. Sen. Harry Reid said in May that he believed the party would alter its platform in favor of gay marriage, after President Obama spoke out that month in favor of same-sex couples' right to marry.

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America has been blessed for the little bit of God's principals she has weaved in this country's frame work - but now she is bold with no shame to her game.  I can see it now - we have let the hedges down and are about to be visited for our wickedness.


The Democrats are simpletons from a godless place.

The Republicans are hypocritcal devils with a smile.

Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican truly doesn't matter in my opinion. I however would like to hear your response on the issues of Christian voting for someone (not concerned with their religion) who will openly oppose what God's Word states. Do we have the leeway to do this or are we commisioned to be ambassadors of Christ and uphold His standard even when we choose who we will vote for? Now remember I am not talking about the person, just what they represent. I know that God's Kingdom will reign no matter who is elected...but I am concerned with individual believers either honoring God with their stances are voting according to the flesh.

You know as far as I am concerned - Obama being elected was answered prayer.  Lots of people have been praying for this day for decades and maybe even a few hundred years.  But God answered and we were given a gift.  Thats what I believe.

Now - do we worship the gift and side up to whatever he says on such a important thing - which runs smack dab against Gods laws?

Or do we continue worshipping the God who gave us the gift and honor God?

The answer should be simple for the saints of God.


Can you explain what is it that makes Obama an answer to prayers? And exactly what responsibilities we would have as believers to put him or keep him in the white house based on his views conflicting with those of believers? Well at least believers who believe what God's Word says.

Many black people have prayed for the day that a black man could be leader of the free world.  Those prayers were answered.

We were responsible for praying to get one in office and then we were responsible for praying that he be a wise and righteous president to lead the country we live in. 

I dont know about everbody else but I sure prayed for exactly that, and every night and day.

He did a good job - not perfect but good enough...then this 'men marrying men' thing - he just fell off. All the way off.

Have I stopped praying for him - Nope.  Cause the word of God says pray for those that lead us.

I pray that he repents of this thing and if he does - I will be at the polls with bells on. :)

okay then my question is as a believer what if he doesn't repent? what if he truly believes that this is a civil rights issue just as the argument goes it was when blacks were treated differently and enslaved? WHAT DO YOU DO THEN? Do you obey God or vote for someone based on race?


Let God be true, and every man a liar before we follow "wrong doing" all the way to hell.  God spoke on this homosexuality issue and was crystal clear.  Now, all the Church needs to do is say, amen.

Many of us wish he would change his stance, but he can't.  Gay agenda money BOUGHT and owns the Demo Party; and by proxy; the naacp, a lot of black pastors, 'and, IN THEIR MINDS,  the blacks (votes) that 'come along with the sale of said property.'

Soldiers like Rev. Owens and the Coalition of AA Pastors are being crucified for daring to oppose them.  All manor of evil is being spoken.  Those who are standing against this agenda should sign their petition for God's view of marriage and pray they stand strong. 

Sis I understand your statement but what exactly are you saying to the believers in here to do about this voting issue that is coming up very soon? Feel free to express detail.

Bro. Minister Lee:

I am sure PO believes this is a 'civil rights' issue in his views which clearly go against scripture.  A relationship with Christ guides most of us who profess to be Christians.  Why not him since he too professed Christ?.   This agenda  is calling us to step away and separate our core spiritual convictions from the way we vote.   Why is this necessary for him to move away from the Author of Righteousness to rule as president?  Is God not just?

If anyone has any doubts what is in store for bible believers under this banner of 'gay civil rights' needs to read this.  I think news articles like this are a wake-up call on each individual Christian and what we are going to be forced to face for merely standing up for God:

Homosexuals file Human Rights complaint on Chick-fil-A

Charlie Butts - OneNewsNow - 8/13/2012 7:50:00 AM

An Illinois homosexual activist group has filed a complaint with the Department of Human Rights against Chick-fil-A for supporting the biblical view of marriage.


On Wednesday, August 1, Chick-fil-A experienced about triple the normal business from people supporting the opinion in favor of traditional marriage expressed by company CEO Dan Cathy. (See earlier story) But Jacob Meister of The Civil Rights Agenda of Illinois filed a complaint saying the biblical view causes "widespread stigmatization of homosexual individuals."

OUR BIBLICAL BELIEFS STIGMATIZES THEM.  Does anyone doubt that' a hate speech label is coming for scripture under a 2nd term?"

Sis Simms, I am not disputing what you have wrote here and how elequently you have laid out your arguments based on scripture. However there are many Pastors in our black communities that are asking their people to support this president based on his race, his party and ultimately his platform.....why do you believe that believers are being asked to separate what the bible says from their voting stance?

What ever happens - black people better pray that a Republican NEVER gets in office this time around.

It will be one of the most depressing years to come for them.

These RACIST Republicans will cook their goose because they know their time in charge is almost UP.  How so?

This year in this country for the first time in hundreds of years - minority babies  have out numbered white babies being born. These people are scared out of their wigs!!!

If you dont know what a frightened hateful people do when they think they wont be in charge for long - then you need to read what happened to the Jews in Germany beginning in the late 1930's.

And I dont care how Christian the black folk are when  it kicks off - you know why?

Because God has warned us about the persecution of the church.  It will make us stronger and the Black Church must wake out of her slumber. It will be good for her to make herself ready.  Thats whats coming for minorities if the Republicans win.

Now - if the godless Democrats win - every preacher that preaches the word of God better be ready to have his sermons put on blast for preaching things that offend and insult the perverted and the fornicating folk in their pews.  They will put it on youtube and spread it across the worldwide web.  And that will go for black and white Christians. These devils that love to glorify sex with those they are not married or to glorify every kind of perverted living will be loud and proud and ready to humble any preacher that dares to defy their wicked lives.

So - will not vote for the hypocritical racist Republicans and I can tvote for my lovely President this time...UNLESS he turns from this folly.

To the saints please dont vote for the Republicans.  It would be foolish.

@newview - you have demonized an entire party based on what? As I stated earlier it doesn't matter your party affiliation if you have vowed to obey God. What has you so fearful of one party over the other? is God not soveriegn when Republicans are in office....would you not as you stated earlier be praying for our leadership? Interesting that here in a Christian forum you seem to be spouting more political jargon than biblical Words of wisdom.....interesting to say the least.


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