People say when you over read the books,you become mad,what about over reading the word of God.
Help me.
Thanks Brother John

Please also  reacieve this readings and be blessed as you read

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I smiled when I read can NEVER over read the scripture, because it is the key to REVELATION knowledge, which does not come through a sitting of reading. You can read the same scripture for twenty years, but UNTIL GOD gives you revelation to His word you will have only your understanding and interpretation from others. God will only reveal His word to you at His time and GOD is time...GOD is my brother continue to read and get filled, but it is to prepare you for the day when the word will become alive in you and you are able to STAND on it with SURETY, without doubt, that you know that you know that you know...God Words is FOREVER....everlasting....NO END, so there is no OVER.

In Love Sis. Denise
Thanks a lot sister,Be blessed


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