Mukono Children's Home Choir is a choir from Uganda with a lot of talented children with different talents such as Music,Dance and Drama plus Sports.And it was started to support and to help these orphaned and other needy children buy promoting talents and to provide to them sponsorship through there gifts. This Choir and sports department came to teach and to train children and all human by Educating, Preaching,and The choir is based on Christianity faith and it was started in 2007 by Mr. Mawejje Joseph who was also a pupil in Mukono Children’s Home Primary School.
This Children’s Choir through it’s popularity it has attracted many and it has made the children’s behaviors to change due to educative songs and spreading the gospel in some parts of Uganda mostly in Mukono District. These children also have other activities they do in several departments which helps these children to gain more in their future and also to promote their talents.




1. Music Dance and Drama ( MDD) The Choir ( Lead by Mawejje Joseph)

2. Football, Netball, Volleyball ,Cricket and Athletes ( Lead by Mr. Kisauzi Douglas H/M)

Some of these children are totally orphans and others are needy children. We have 24 children under choir ministry (Music Department) and 36 in Sports. This makes a total number of 60 children. These children need care and support in their talents, Education and other activities.

If you can sponsor a kid it would bring hope to us and for the kid as well. We welcome each and every one to join and work with us. To reach our goal.

The Choir is based in Mukono,Uganda, at



The Mukono Children's Home can be found a few kilometers outside the town of Mukono, about 20 km from Kampala, the capital of Uganda. All children under this are orphans, and they have often lost their parent because of AIDS. The school has won several prices in the district competitions, some children were even picked out as members of the district's football team that won the Ugandan football championship in 2006.

Mukono Children’s Home Ministries Uganda through that home we believe to Buy our own land to increase and to build our own Home.
And these songs are composed by the children them selves and Mr. Mawejje Joseph who was a pupil in this Orphanage school. being supported by our Dear Uncle's and Aunties from Uganda Christian University Mukono and well wishers

We`need to work hand in hard help these children to reach the world by teaching the people the word of God by using there Gifted Music,Dance and Drama and sports as well.

We believe to continue giving them support and help even if they join Universities, Institutions, Secondary schools and when they are still in the Primary School. We believe to work with there Talents in order for them to earn Money that will help them get their needs:-

1. School fees
2. Feeding
3. Recording More Audio and Videos
4. Machines
5. Scholastic Materials:

E.g Shoes,Books,Pens,Pencils, School Uniforms, Bags and many others. 6. Choir Uniform
For you support or help

Contact Mr Mawejje Joseph

Email: or call +256 791930636
Or you can visit our website


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