For those of you who are reading this discussion, please don't be offended by what I am about to say. Think before you respond and make an intelligent response if you like.

I have the privilege of speaking at ministries of all sizes and unfortunately, sometimes the ministries that are smaller tend to criticize the ministries that are growing. While there is no one thing that will cause a ministry to grow, I am a firm believer that God is a God of order. I'll prove it. Genesis opens up with the world being in chaos. God could have left it in chaos and created another universe, but instead he chose to take chaos and bring order to it so that it could be productive for his glory.

I have notice a common denominator in the ministries that are small and stagnant and the ones that are growing. In my opinion, the smaller ones often have no order in them. By that I mean, often, the décor is poor ( its not what you have, it's what you take care of), the people seem to have little or no pride in themselves or their ministry, the Pastor is more of a dictator, very little time is spent on training people to do a task with excellence  and the attitude seems to be lets go to church so we can shout and dance and have a good time in the Lord. Please don't get offended, but it is the truth and there are exceptions. If this is true of someone you know, let them know that God is calling them to order. The issue is not the gift they have been given, but the order in which they are administrating.

On the other hand, some of the large ministries seem to have order ( some say that many of them have no anointing). The pastor seems to be concerned more about the people of God learning and growing, the church stresses excellence, training in all areas is consistent, new members are taught the culture of that ministry and encourage to make disciples and the attitude of excellence and professionalism is evident. Yes, they make mistakes too, but it appears they use the mistakes as a stepping stone to perfection.

Here is my point. The 21st century church cannot be the same as the centuries before. In Hebrews 1, it is clear that God spoke through His Prophets in the times of old, but then he shifted to a point where he spoke through His son. If you really want to see growth you have to do things in order. If you don't understand order, the internet is full of information that is God inspired for the purpose of helping you to get that to the point. In the books of Chronicles, you will see the details that were put into worship for God. It was not thrown together or done with no effort involved. The people of God took pride in the temple, in worship, in their appearance while going to worship, in the order of service, in the flow of service and décor.

We cannot give God anything and label it as though it came from Him. Revelation declares the description of heaven and all I see is order and excellence.

It is never too late to change your mindset or to help someone else change theirs.

I love you all and my job as His ambassador is to bring order to the church in every way. God wants you to grow and move into being the mighty army. Please don't tell me any stories about the faith few, the dogs that lapped or the two or three gathered together unless you can legitimately deny that in Acts a small group added to the church daily and then believers were MULTIPLIED.

Please, for the sake of the kingdom start training those that God gave you charge over ( if you don't already), move your ministry into excellence in every area ( if you have not already).

If you don't know what to do, first seek God. Then contact me at for a free booklet on church order and protocol for growth.

In the mean time, remember: " Faithful in a little, Ruler in much."

Tell me what you think

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Greetings Brother, my question is growing in what?  Décor, building, protocol?????  I am not understanding this.  My understanding is that Jesus did teach in that area, that the house of worship was just that.  All that order you are speaking of is questionable.  There is POWER in the spirit of the Lord, whether it is a plain undecorated room and one can come to the Lord and be saved, delivered and healed.  All those orders have taken away from Scripture reading, Worship and Prayer.  Very few minutes are spent on the most important element of the Christian walk and bombarded with all that décor, anniversaries, recognitions, committees, boards etc. that has so over EMPOWERED the church.  And everybody leaves as they come, no changed lives, just rehearsals of what they are going to do next.  Nobody can't even get healed from a cold at most of these churches much less their souls.  I am lost for most of my words, because I always have a lot of thought, because the only reason why these churches are out of order, is because they are NOT OBEYING God.  They have come up with their own way and it will never work.  God say, YOU HAVE POLUTED HIS should know the rest, if not let me know and I will give it to you.


In Love Sister Denise

Thank you my sister for the response. I can appreciate what you are saying and I will never deny anyone of their opinion about something, even if it is only half the story. In my writings, I did not mention anniversaries or any of the other things you mentioned. To clarify myself, my discussion speaks of "order" not decorations. Your statement about bigger a church not being able to a cold does not speak of all big churches nor does my statement about smaller churches apply to them all as I have indicated. I happen to agree with you in principle and if you are progressing, the discussion was not meant for you. It was said from the heart of God through His Prophet. Let us not forget the order placed in the temple. Let us not forget the order that even Jesus himself followed. He didn't just jump into the world, there was an order of how and when it was done. If you are a Pastor, I am sure there is an " order" as to how you do things in your ministry and that is great, but the same cannot be said of all ministries. Those are the ones " we" need to reach. We are on the same team. Let's do the will of God and make excellence and order a part of His kingdom as He did in His word. Be blessed!

Brother Smith, I do apologize if I came off as being disagreeable, I did try to say I didn't understand.  I was actually speaking about the ORDER of things in the churches of today.  No I am not a pastor or minister, just one commenting.  It is that my heart is very sadden by the order in which the church does things now.  Meaning, there is very few minutes spent on scripture reading, worship and prayer.  I remember when people walked in a church there were souls saved and people delivered and you would see them walking the walk.  Now, the order is such as coming and going the same way you came, which is very disheartening.  I was speaking of the pollution, because of the order which the church has allowed any and everything.  I wasn't trying to debate with you, I was stating I didn't understand the growth in what?  What order?  Because Jesus came to do the will of the Father and what order was that?  This was my misunderstanding and I am still not understanding...hehehhe, because I don't know how we can bring order to His Kingdom, when it is His Kingdom and His will be done.   You have definitely shook me out of the box on this sorry for my lack of understanding to your post.  And generally I am not this out of pocket.  lol


In Love Sister Denise

My sister;

Thank you for such a humble response. Once again, you are on point and I understood where you were coming from. You are correct, but Jesus did warn us about a " falling away." On the other hand, you are one of the chosen to usher the new move of God. I want you to go to and go to the book section, Type in " dr (space) Willard (space) smith. You can preview my book " The New Generation of Believers, Making an Impact and Doing Things Gods Way."

 This books shares about people like you and I who have no agenda but to see the lives of men saved by the grace of God and then watching them grow to be used for His glory. Thank you for your comments and I know that we are working for His kingdom together.


His Servant


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