There has been talk that the Bible Christians as Sister Rebekah likes to call herself, and I think that is fitting for all who are Christians who follow the Bible in a literal sense. Since there has to be a label, this what I would prefer to be labeled. There are 2 Christian doctrines that are being taught on this forum. There is only 1 Christian doctrine, so someone is misinformed or intentionally lying to the people. I ask the Roman Christians to prove their God. Here is the doctrine that I have learned from the Roman Christians since I have been on this network. Jesus rose on the 1st day. Sunday worship is ok because you can worship God any day. They have not figured out the day he died yet.. I assume it is Good Friday since they believe he came out the ground on the first day. They believe Easter is the day he rose. The Old Testament is not apart of the NT. Both are separate covenants. We are under the dispensation of Paul, and Christ. We are going to Heaven, and be with the Lord forever more in the air. We go to hell when we are bad. There is a judgment, but we go to Heaven when we die if we lived a good life. I have not gotten clarity if we go to Heaven when we die, or are we judged first, and where we are if we were bad. Some people are in pergatory. There are 3 in the Godhead, The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. You can speak in tongues, but the tongues is not another language, it is the Holy spirit that gives them utterance to speak in tongues. What ever that is. They celebrate Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's day, New Years Day January 1st, Communion every first Sunday, and all the other holidays. Jesus died to kill all the commandments. There is a 7 year tribulation. There is a rapture. Israel is separate from Christianity. There were 3 wise men who came to see Jesus when he was born. December 25th is Christ's birthday. You can eat pork. The Bible has to be interpreted, and not read literal. I can't remember the rest, but I ask the Roman Christians to prove their doctrine out. Brother Trevor, Sister Angela, Sister Harris, Brother Luckett, Sister Newview, RevZ62, Sister Trica, and anyone else who believes this stuff. This is your God!!! You should be able to prove it out by the scriptures. If you can't, then why follow it? If nobody replies, then I understand that you are ashamed of your God, and will not prove him.

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Why would you do something that has the banner of Christianity, but is not, and why would you do something that can not be proven out by scripture, and follow it under the banner of Christianity?
"...You can eat pork.
>>Well you do have the ability to eat it. But is it good for your body - not so much. Or is it good for the conscience of a brother?
It is commanded that Christians are not to eat beasts that are not clovenfooted, and don't cheweth the cud, and don't parteth the hoof..."

Maybe.....But its not worth arguing over because there are bigger fish to fry.
"..The Bible has to be interpreted, and not read literal.
>>I think it needs to be read literally and figuratively and interpreted by the Spirit. The Word has layers upon layers - its so full of more and more and more and its so divine…yum, yum, yum.
It is to be read according to the Bible from the Law and the Testimony, line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little, and there a little, and it is of no private interpretation..."

I did not say anything about private interpretation. But you must mean by yall not having the Holy Spirit to open up the scriptures to yall - the interpretation is private and kept from yall just reading it dry.
I did not say anything about private interpretation. But you must mean by yall not having the Holy Spirit to open up the scriptures to yall - the interpretation is private and kept from yall just reading it dry. "We" can prove the info we believe by the scriptures, so how is it closed?
"...The Father is God, the Son is God and so is the Holy Spirit and they are ONE.
This is not true. I am putting together a lesson on this to show you the truth of this matter..."

What is not true? That the Holy Spirit is not God but it is the angel Gabriel?
I dont need that truth. Haha!
You don't need to know what the Bible says about Gabriel as the Holy Spirit, or Holy Ghost? You don't want to know the protocol of the Godhead? That is fine with me, but I am still going to post a lesson because others may want to know.
"...I Cor 13 speaks of speaking with the tongues of angels - that would be an unknown language - heavenly even.
This is referring to the angels allowing the people to speak in another language without ever learning the language to be able to preach the "scriptures". I am putting together a lesson on this as well, and will set the records straight on this matter as well..."

Did you just say that angels ALLOWED people to speak foreign languages that they previously did not know? What is that? I have never heard of such.
You have not searched the scriptures enough to fine it because it is there.
"...They celebrate Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's day,
>>Not all Christians Good.
That is one less idol..."

"...New Years Day January 1st,
>>Is it wrong to celebrate seeing another 12 months?
Yes because you are worshiping another God celebrating man;s new year. It is a Goddess. I think it is Diana, the queen of Heaven if I am not mistaken. The Lord's year begins in April, and it is called the first month of Abib. That really makes more sense because that is when everything id coming back from winter..."

Oh boy...OK.
You don't have to believe it. If you research it, you will find these things out. I would never follow something because everybody was doing it. That is why I went from the Sunday Church, to Paganism, and now to the True and Living God. I searched out the Sunday church, and it was a lie. I thought Paganism was the true religion because the Sunday church was dressing up Paganism to be Christian, so I started doing Paganism. But when I found out the Bible was the basis of knowledge then I got into that and have been on it ever since. Religion is nothing. The Bible is the truth.
"...Communion every first Sunday,
>>Not all do - but the argument some would have is where the scripture says AS OFTEN AS YOU DO THIS - means different things to different denominations. Some have it weekly, some once a month, some quarterly (every 4 months), some once a year during Passover - and yet there are those that will not observe on Passover but the night BEFORE the Passover.
The demominations are the Harlots of the Mother, so let us just talk Bible, and not religion..."

Dont be so hard on your denomination.


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