There has been talk that the Bible Christians as Sister Rebekah likes to call herself, and I think that is fitting for all who are Christians who follow the Bible in a literal sense. Since there has to be a label, this what I would prefer to be labeled. There are 2 Christian doctrines that are being taught on this forum. There is only 1 Christian doctrine, so someone is misinformed or intentionally lying to the people. I ask the Roman Christians to prove their God. Here is the doctrine that I have learned from the Roman Christians since I have been on this network. Jesus rose on the 1st day. Sunday worship is ok because you can worship God any day. They have not figured out the day he died yet.. I assume it is Good Friday since they believe he came out the ground on the first day. They believe Easter is the day he rose. The Old Testament is not apart of the NT. Both are separate covenants. We are under the dispensation of Paul, and Christ. We are going to Heaven, and be with the Lord forever more in the air. We go to hell when we are bad. There is a judgment, but we go to Heaven when we die if we lived a good life. I have not gotten clarity if we go to Heaven when we die, or are we judged first, and where we are if we were bad. Some people are in pergatory. There are 3 in the Godhead, The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. You can speak in tongues, but the tongues is not another language, it is the Holy spirit that gives them utterance to speak in tongues. What ever that is. They celebrate Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's day, New Years Day January 1st, Communion every first Sunday, and all the other holidays. Jesus died to kill all the commandments. There is a 7 year tribulation. There is a rapture. Israel is separate from Christianity. There were 3 wise men who came to see Jesus when he was born. December 25th is Christ's birthday. You can eat pork. The Bible has to be interpreted, and not read literal. I can't remember the rest, but I ask the Roman Christians to prove their doctrine out. Brother Trevor, Sister Angela, Sister Harris, Brother Luckett, Sister Newview, RevZ62, Sister Trica, and anyone else who believes this stuff. This is your God!!! You should be able to prove it out by the scriptures. If you can't, then why follow it? If nobody replies, then I understand that you are ashamed of your God, and will not prove him.

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You have to. Denominations are killing the flock.
I dont think there should be denominations. But people will drift off into groups if they believe their doctrinal teaching. And everybody cant be right. Someone is wrong and someone will be right.
I agree.
"...and all the other holidays.
>>You mean like Thanksgiving - surely the nation should be thankful for all that the Lord has done the previous year. Then there is Memorial Day and the 4th of July, which some observe and some don’t. Thanksgving is really a celebration of the slaughter of the Native Americans to be able to colonize the west, starting with the 13 colonies..."

Hez. Stop.
You mean like when all of Israel rejoiced when they killed off the original habitants of Canaan?
"...Jesus died to kill all the commandments.
>>Only a crazy person thinks there are “no” commandments that should be observed.
What commandments do you keep then?..."

We would be here all night but I will tell you that I try to keep what ever hinges on the two greatest commandments. Those I strive to keep.
"...There is a 7 year tribulation.
>>Some believe it will be a full 7 years - then some believe that it will be cut in half and some believe that they will be watching it from heaven with the Lord - but not all Christians.
All must be one in the word of God. There are no some do this or some do that with God. All do as one..."

You never want to admit truth.
Can you truthfully answer this question?
You saw your name, and pulled the card, are you going to play the hand sister Trica?
Nobody is doing anything. I only try to keep the truth in the forefront. There is a lot of lies. I understand that you do not understand why I do what I do... You do not follow the Lord as it is written or you would be doing the same things as I do... . We would be at one accord.

Imagine reading a book. A bunch of people say they have read the book, but do not say what the books says, and makes things up about the book, and they tell others the things they made up about the book, claiming to have read the book. Then it is passed down through generations, and nobody reads the book, just listen to the stories from the people who have claim to have read the book but have not. You see these things, and want to show the people that the book says this, and not what has been passed down from the people who have claimed to have read the book, and have not.. It was also a matter of life and death that the people have read this book, and follow what it says... What would you do? Would you keep the fact that you have read the book, and do what it says to yourself, or go out and keep the book in the people's face because there are more people who have claimed to have read the book, then people who have actually read it, and follow it..

Your move Sister Trica...


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