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Thank you for sharing "....last languages" with me.Allow me to share a vision I was blessed to have; this mountain was glowing worldwide ,as i was looking people began to come down from the backside of the mountain single file dressed in white ,each individual was glowing as bright as the light radiating from the mountain, as they reached the bottom of the mountain they did NOT congregate there, instead they scattered to the far reaches of the world taking their light into the darkness bringing light. Everyone coming down that mountain had the same testimony:absolute loyalty to JESUS CHRIST, but GOD...& i will bring light to the darkness

I am praying for those who are going to "share a story" , the translators, the hearers and receivers of the WORD (story)
I am seeking the face of GOD as to when i will be released to go and "share a story" I would like an address to mail a monthly donation for "storytellers" & translators I do know that it all helps (donations)

More than conquering in HIS name


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