What do you think about when you here people say I cought the Holy Ghost today? Its my belief that you cant catch something thats not being thats not being thrown. many people believe that they have cought the Holy Ghost because they shouted in church on sunday. I want to know what you think. After I gather opinons then I will conclude this discussion With what the bible says. God BLESS

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You can't catch the holy spirit. if you already have him, then how can you catch him. Another thing that goes with this is that you cannot be slain in the spirit. All these phrases were born from the holiness movement, and those sayings have no biblical support.
then why do we as preachers condone people to use language thats not biblical
The preachers who condone the "slain in the spirit", and the "catch the holy spirit" phrases, are ignorant of the fact that it's not taught in scripture. The blind cannot lead the blind, and those who are wraped up in a lie cannot begin to teach others the truth.
We(not literally) continue to do these types of things for many reasons. Sometimes it's just that we are ignorant to the facts-don't have time to change things-or maybe some just prefer not to rock the boat. When you know more you and I are suppose to walk in that knowledge. To him much is given to him much is required. When the Lord first started opening up my understanding to His ways He told me not to be judgmental about others on the alternative side of the issue at hand. I was mindful to practice that and this is what is stated when I am ministering or fellowshipping to or with others. Do Not become the problem that you are complaining about. Stay in a lighter's position not the darkness looking for the light.Smile.
Minister Val-Val
They probably mean well, but it’s not worded well. I think they mean they “caught” a holy impression of God’s presence or Spirit…that the Lord moved and they felt the movement…they were moved by Him.

Even if it’s misstated, may not be theologically accurate, and may be (in some instance) purely emotional, they probably mean well. I’d rather they “catch” the Holy Ghost than some other things they can catch out here.
Amen. These are old saying from the early days of the African American religious experience. It kind of goes back a little further than the pentecostal movement. It began in old baptist churches, they called it the "Mourners Bench". It was similar to the old fashioned tarry services of the Holiness / Pentecostal movement. A person had to pray until they "Felt Something".... Thats where the old song came from "Somthing got a hold of me"... Now we no that it was someone... they just didn't know.

Unfortunately, because we mimick everything we see and here in church, many people feel its the right thing to say.... It is their level of faith at this time, and my prayer is that they will grow to the knowledge of the truth regarding the not only the manifestation of the spirit, but the greatest gift it brings which is Love.
being slain in the SPIRIT. I Acts 5:1-9 is the only time in the Bible that anyone was slain by the Spirit. the proper terminology is filled with the Spirit which is stated numerous times in the New Testament now as far catching the Holy Spirit i did not know He was running from anyone the Holy Spirit is a gift from God to those who accept Jesus as Lord and Savior.nowhere in the New Testament does it say we have to tarry for the Spirit of GOD. Titus 3:5
The day of Pentacost explains how the Holy Spirit ENTERED In and pretty much fell on everyone,,we cant really catch it however it caught us ..another term that is used is I found God,,God was never Lost he found us
I can relate to some of what your saying,,at times I used the term "kidnapped by the Holyghost" or Arrested by the Holyghost but ,but none of these terms are not Bible based...The day of Pentacost stated that the holyghost came in like a rushing wind,I dont read where it said the someone caught it,,I would say it because every church that I attended the pastor or clergy used it ..and everyone followed,,and about some force over powering you ,,remember David dancing out of his clothes while praising God,,David dance til he came out his clothes,,he was not of himself..REAL praise you dont need music or something good to happen,,it is easy to pick them up and put them down when the good is in our life,,but a true worshiper and praiser can set it off thinking of the goodness of the lord..But I want to ask a Question as a church Leader I see alot of times that it seems like people can turn on and off the HOLYGHOST at there will,,,allow me to explain,,while shouting your supposed to under the spirit meaning in some area's your not in control of your actions you spoke on hitting people in the face,,I have seen that everybodies dance seem similar or the same where what God done for one he done somthing different for some else so the dance should not be the same,,and when the music stop they stop,,I have seen growing up in DC area,,My Grandmother took me to see REV.SHAMBOCK at a tent revival,the tent was filled .. that they would make a circle around a person from keep from hurting themselves or some else and when the music stopped they did not,,not tryin to tell my age but what I saw then I too much dont see now..I think people are playing church and not serious about comming to Jesus,,the devil dont care if you come to church ,,the devil dont want people to come to Jesus..I know that I am deviating from the actual question BUT,, feel that the Church has walked away from the actual blue print that JESUS set forth..where else can you hear a band and choir, see the latest fashion,,,pick up a date,,hear the latest gossip and buy from venders all for a $5.00 offering...we have to get away from too much entertainment and it is all about the money mentallity,,if it comes down to do God want us rich or do he want us to have a relationship? I truly believe he want us to have a relationship FIRST
I too had cried and did not know what it was ,,and when I tried to wipe away the tears and take control,,it came more stronger,the first time my wife and daughter saw me crying they knew that something stronger than I was had control over ,when I laid hands on my daughter she fell straight to the floor and started screamming in a high pitch voice that echoed through out the church.and your so right I felt relieved..you mentioned Baptist church,For me it was the Pentacostal and the Apostolic Doctrine,,However whenever we had the Baptist speakers come in for Revivals,the Church was never the same ,,they came to lift up the name of JESUS
I am so glad you see it the same way I do,,I like what you said about disorder,everything GOD created understood order.the planets God told them to hang in the galaxy they did it because of ORDER,,God created the heavens and the earth,,ORDER,, the seasons change,,ORDER,,a man is born he has to die ,,ORDER woman carrying a child for nine months ,,ORDER,,if you plant you must harvest,,ORDER.God split the red sea,,ORDER. Now if God say FELLOWSHIP Tegether like the day of pentacost,,DISORDER


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