What do you think about when you here people say I cought the Holy Ghost today? Its my belief that you cant catch something thats not being thats not being thrown. many people believe that they have cought the Holy Ghost because they shouted in church on sunday. I want to know what you think. After I gather opinons then I will conclude this discussion With what the bible says. God BLESS

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Hello Terrance , when Ferris Long stated he layed hands on her and prayed in tongues because he knew not what to pray for. he was saying . when you speak in tongues it is your Spirit speaking and praying directly to God, Nothing to do with your physiscal man praying. So the spirit prays for you and no one else knows what your praying not even the devil. Romans 8:26 states.. for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered.... When speaking in tongues it is Definitely something we use when we dont know what to pray for.it is our spirit praying for us.... thats how Terrance was able to hear so clearly from God to take her to the DOCTOR ... because his spirit knew.
I am going to agree with you to a degree,,I have cried and dont think that it was emotional,,but to everyone is different,,you have made a good point
Catching The Holy Ghost---An interesting thing happens when a person feels the presence of God in some cases--they react to what they feel. Normally this "catching of the holy ghost' is simply a person's response to the tangible love of the father. Believe it or not once a person learns how to cooperate with what God is doing they suddenly seem to "catch" him less often and learn how to do allow him to operate in, through and alongside the holy ghost.

I've seen a lot of "catching" of the Holy Ghost especially in certain charismatic settings (by the way I don't get into denominations but for the record raised baptist saw people "catch" the holy ghost and now pentecostal and they are stll "catching" him) and often this emotional response to what God is doing is aided by music or preaching....lol ..gues they caught him and then tossed him on to someone else.
I corinthians 12:10, 13:1
catching is a term that was used alot in the church setting I too have been guilty of saying it ,,it is not scriptual at all ,,'and if it is not written then it is not real' Jesus said out his mouth in Acts 1v8 But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come on you,and you shall be witnesses to me in Jerusalem...even the day of Pentacost Acts 2v2-4 the Bible states that a rushing mighty wind filled the house V3 mentions tongues as of fire that sat on each of them V4 is where the Holy Spirit is mentioned and they began to speak with other tongues as the spirit gave them utterance,,But No where does it states that anyone caught anything,,,Not attacking you but I use to say the same thing ..Be blessed
Gibberish tongues? You either were filled with Holy Ghost and have the evidence of speaking in tongues or you don't, Hallelujah! Once you have it, you can't deny it, Glory to God! It's all about the divine appointment that is set before the one that God chose. It is a wonderful thing to be wrapped up in the Holy Ghost, no matter what it looks like to the other person. Receive it, Catch it, Be arrested by it, Fall in it, Trip in it, Live in it, Eat in it, Speak in it, Walk in it, Talk in it, Ask God For it! If you received it, Thank God For It!
I agree with my sister ,,it is an honour to receive the spirit,,That is our right once comming into christ and however we received it we need to be thankful....be blessed
your right I just rearch it and it is not introduced as it,,but I think when we say receive it we're speaking on Gods spirit,,
Acts2v3-4 then there appeared to them divided tongues as of fire and one sat upon each of them V4 and they were all filled with the HOLYSPIRIT and began to speak with other tongues as the spirit gave them utterance..So it appears here that they were moved ny the Holyspirit and began to speak ,,,we dont know what language it was in because there according to V8-11 and how is it that we each one in wich we were born,,Parthians,,MEDES,,,ELIMITES,,THOSE DWELLING IN MESOPOTAMIA,,,JUDEA,,AND CAPERNAUM,,PONTUS,,AND ASIA,,PHRYGIA,,AND PAMPHILIA,,AND EGYPT,,AND PARTS OF LIBYA ADJOINING,CYRNE AND ARABS,,WE hear them in OUR own tongues the wonderful works of GOD
In the New Testament of the Bible the Initiation ofFire is revealed to the apostles on the dayPentecost, the traditional birthday of the ChristianChurch. The story is told in Acts 2:1-22. The twelvewere together in one place when branching"tongues" of fire appeared and rested upon them.They were filled with the knowledge of the light, orholy spirit, and began to speak the language oftruth. Amazingly, nearly everyone present heardthem talking about god in their own nativelanguage. Others, standing outside the energy,heard only babble and thought the apostles weredrunk. The apostle Peter stood up from the circleof twelve and quotes the well-known secondchapter of the prophet Joel:"It will be in the last days," says God, "That I will pourforth my spirit upon all flesh, and your sons anddaughters will prophesy. And your young men will seevisions, and your old men will dream dreams. All myservants, both men and women, will receive my spirit inthose days, and will prophesy
1 Corinthians 12
why did Jesus come into the world. to seek those that are lost. to pay the penalty for man's sins because we could not pay for them. John 3:16 is the center peice of the bible once a person has come into the saving GRACE of GOD through JESUS CHRIST then they should be taught. GOD is no respector of persons. salvation is free to all; ehtnicity, poverty, wealth or anything else matters. as saints of GOD our obligation is to spread the gospel of JESUS CHRIST. also if one is open to the leading of the HOLY SPIRIT one can be taught by the Spirit
The Holy Spirit caught me when I wasn't looking! He convicted me, saved me, empowered me and continues to guide me. But I never foamed at the mouth or turned back flips ovver the pews, I was born again and filled with the Spirit. I know that is not as exciting as tongues and all that, but there is one Spirit, one Lord and one baptism - I guess some people just get show their happiness a little different, more power to them - no punn intended. LOL


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