I am developing a Christian education mission statement.
If you have one for your church would you mind sharing it with me.

Thanks much.
Peace & Blessings!!

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Our Purpose is to provide and develop students into spriritual maturity, with a clear and comprehensive view of the bible which also includes various world views. Our goal is to train men, women and youth to study independently, prayerfully, inductively and deductively. We encourage students to be a Godly example and to be good witnesses, both at home and abroad, in order to attract the un-churched.

That is the mission statement for our school.
Thanks Sister Bridgette!
Your Christian Education Ministry mission statement should first mirror your churches mission statement. Use the churches mission statement as a structure for your education ministry. Secondly, you should make sure you have scripture to back the mission statement. So this should make it extremely easy to do. If you are still having issues, email me directly, and I will help you develop it.
ReeRee, what exactly are you looking for? Is there a specific direction that you are headed?


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