Christian should not be concerned with thoughts that a demon could be their problem

The majority of Christians today are totally ignorant of the nature of evil spirits (demons), and many would prefer that they were not even mentioned. They choose to ignore this portion of God's ministry because they are fearful of things beyond their understanding. The result of this ignorance is that multitudes live in needless torment. One of the deadliest misrepresentations of the truth of God is that a Christian should not be concerned with thoughts that a demon could be their problem. This is taught within many churches and gives the devil a "field day" to bring fear, mental torment, jealousy, hatred, lust, pride, self-pity, addiction, gluttony and many other forms of bondage, oppression, and defilement.
Brethren what do you think of this ?

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I don't think many churches teach demonology; at least church has yet to teach on it.
I knew I would catch the false prophets in here.
Pastor , I have so many questions regarding this. Expect a mail in your mail box sir
Christ Jesus gave us a warning when he told Peter. That satan[ demons,imps, demonic spirits ] flies to and fro seeking whiom he may devour. My brother you are so correct in that many churchs fail to deal in this aera. First and foremost we must be covered by the Blood of Jesus and be a prayer warrior. We should strive to live a holy life style, and stay in the word of God. Sunday school, prayer meeting, bible study etc.We also learn in scripture that a person can be occupied by more than one demon. We sholud be carefull in dealing with demons . If you are not in a correct relationship / fellowship with Christ Jesus., demons will surely overtake you. [ mind, body,spirit,health,family,etc]
Good Morning Pastor Adeove and Pastor Valentine,

There is no doubt a heavy demonic influence running rampant within the Body of Christ. Satan is on a mission and he using every vessel he can to accomplish his goal, which is to rule this world. This is the power behind the One World Order Conspiracy.

I have a Christian talk show on Sunday evenings from 6 pm - 7 pm Central time on internet radio that streams through Blog Talk Radio. My co-host and I have just begun a mini topic discussion series entitled: The Devil's Advocate: One World Order.

Please feel free to log on to this Sunday to hear the show and join in by entering the Chat Room. You may also join the discussion by calling 1-347-945-7469. Hope you can find the time to tune in.
Ministers of God , we are not fighting each other we are simply teaching and learning.
Ouestions will always come, we shouldnt say because is out of your beleive then we shouldnt talk about it.
We need to address every issue that comes our ways.
Pastor Anthony Watson is a man with great grace and knowlegde , i pray the Lord will keep you and use you more and more to make changes in the land of America and the world in general.
Nobody knows all, we are all learning everyday.
We need the Holy Spirit to reveal to us more of the things of the Spirit. All my questions comes from my experiences as an African Minsiter , i have seen a lot of demonic manifestations , rituals and the worship of other gods. They are real , but not of God. people need to be educated , there is a big line between Miracles and Magics.
May the good Lord help the Church Amen.


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