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Ive been doing a lot of research to become smarter since I have been gone, and I must admit the evidence is crazy.

Has religion been a reason for blacks being in a horrible position worldwide. The most religious countries in the world are terrible compared to the non religious countries. Look at how good non religious European countries are compared to religious ones. Even compare the non religious countries of Asia to the religious ones of Africa.

In those nations they dont sit on their behind waiting for a deity to provide for them. They take action to make sure they better their situation. These nations have higher intellect because of this work ethic too.

Even in the Americas, it was Christians who practiced the horrific slave trade. Freethinkers and Atheist were the first ones to view Africans as equals, and more than property. They led the abolitionist movement across the globe with people like Lincoln, Jeremy Bentham, and John Stuart Mill. Without these people blacks could still be slaves in this country...and it might look like Africa or the very religious poor central American nations!

They say Christianity is the glue which held black people together...but maybe it was/is holding us wrong. What are your thoughts on this issue?


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change your font color so we may read and share back.....the font needs to white in order to read it of a black brackground.


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