Christians Of The World Unite Into A Permanent Income Network

Why Christians Of The World Should Unite Into A Permanent Income Network
What would happen if Christians in every country united and became a permanent income network? The cash flow and wealth in such a network would be staggering. Contrary to popular belief, the Christian Church as it is known today, did not always exist in the physical world. The Church was developed by Disciples, Apostles, Ministers and members of the "Body of Christ" networking and establishing and maintaining permanent networks of converts and believers. {See Acts - Jude KJV} 
Has This Been Done Before?
There is no written record that this concept of a worldwide economic network was ever presented to the "Body of Christ", that is.. until now. If you are a Christian and reading this.. it is not by chance.
What Is The Purpose?
The purpose is simple: To have, develop and operate the largest independent financial structure the world has ever seen. There are more scriptures in the Biblical Text on Earthly Finances than on Salvation
The Reason: We have the opportunity for Salvation because of the finished work of Yeshua Ha-Machiach {Jesus the Christ} on the Cross. Hence, our Salvation is by Grace.  {See the 4 Gospels and Acts - Jude KJV}
Can This Be Done?
Nothing is too hard for GOD (YHVH).  In the real world, two companies already exist that have the structure, the software, the technical expertise and the operational format that will make building a secular, viable, functioning and permanent network possible. 
What Are The Major Benefits To
The "Body Of Christ"?
1.  Once in place, many manufacturers and companies will come to our network with their products or services for sales and distribution.
2.With the income earned from this activity, we can dramatically increase our financial capacity individually and collectively.
3.  With our increased personal income and overall economic influence, we can impact the lives of others in ways that have never been done before.  GOD (YHVH) will help us but we must act. {See Genesis - Malachi and Matthew - Jude KJV}
Why Do We Need To Do This?
1.  Christians are to Occupy (carry on a business, to carry on the business of a banker or trader) {Strong's #G4231, Luke 19:11-28 KJV} until the "Second Coming".  Christians are also the light of world {Matthew 5:14-16 KJV}.  During this period of economic darkness, doubt and uncertainty, it is time we turned on the light.
2.  Churches and Ministries need money and financial support to operate effectively.  The overwhelming majority of this revenue comes from the membership.  Consequently,... Christians need more income and wealth to support Churches, ministries, missionary work, outreach programs, feed the hungry, care for the disadvantaged [financially poor or otherwise] and spread the Gospel (Good News). {See Acts - Jude KJV}
3.  Finally, Christians are the "salt" of the earth. What happens to salt when it loses its savor [distinctive quality]?  It is thrown out and trodden [walked on or trampled] under the feet of men. {See Matthew 5:13 KJV}  When Christians have financial problems or can barely pay their bills or feed themselves and family, who can they really help?  No One or Very Few!!    
The True GOD, YHVH, is a GOD of plenty... not scarcity.  Try counting the number of water droplets it takes to make an ocean.  In addition, the three Great Patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob/Israel, were all wealthy men. {See Genesis chapters 13-50 KJV}  Solomon is still the richest man that ever lived. {See I Kings chapters 2-11 KJV
Far too many Christians spend too much time hoping and praying for more money rather than using their ordained power, available systems and methods. Effectively utilizing what already exist, will allow the overwhelming majority of Christians to increase their income and, in the process, acquire more wealth and blessings. Since these systems and methods already exist to obtain great wealth, individually and collectively, why not take advantage of them for practical reasons? 
After all, as heirs of Abraham and fellow heirs with Christ via the Gospel, Christians are entitled to GOD's (YHVH's) promises and blessings.  This includes the power to acquire wealth. {See Deuteronomy 8:18Galatians 3:29 and Ephesians 3:6 KJV}
We have chosen to organize a permanent income network via Reality Networkers for a variety of reasons that are explained fully at our main information website.  You can get there by clicking on "contact us". If you can find a better secular (not religious or connected to a "Church") concept, precept, method, system or platform that can build a viable, functioning permanent income network that is not connected to or dependent on a product or service, pays you for organizing and can operate in every country with a better cost to income return ratio for participants than Reality Networkers, please go to our information website and contact us.

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