Now, I will explore things that no christians should be a part of. All you have to do is to give in a little

or compromise from the will of God. Tests will come and go but sometimes, we can get so far out of line with

God that we make ourselves prey to demonic ativity in this life. I have listed just a few below:


1-dabbling in the occult

2-false religion, cults

3-New Age Movement

4-homosexual lifestyle

5-abortion/abortion industry

6-abusing alcohol (mind alter)

7-drugs (mind alter)

8-verbal / physical abuse

9- promiscuity

10-criminal activity

11- murder

12- cursed objects


Stay mindful of these things and don't leave room for the devil,imps,demons to damage the great

relationship that you have with God. Don't tarnish yourself and stoop to the world's way of doing things.

We want to live a rich fulfilling life as a christian and the ultimate goal is life everlasting  with God.

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This is great teaching, especially for those who are newly converted.  Watch and Pray that you be not decieved by the evil one.

Thanks for your post.



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