How Does It Work?
All it takes is for your church and interested members of the church to agree to a one-time out of pocket $25 to enroll in the Ultimate Cycler System. The church can Pay It Forward to members that may need financial assistance. The church can provide the money for them. After all the church is going to receive continual cash payments anyway. It is to the church’s advantage to make sure that as many members as possible get enrolled in the Ultimate Cycler system.

We place the church and the Pastor in the first two positions with a one-time $25 out of pocket each.

Each member joins under the church 2 at a time for a onetime $25.payment. Everybody joins two at a ensure all positions are filled and cash money payouts can start immediately.

The Ultimate Recycler System takes over from there and administrates who pays who and who gets paid. In this opportunity members pay members, not the business. so there is no waiting for company checks to get paid. You can join today and get paid today!

A cycler is a style of compensation plan the rewards the members that work the program and does so in a very fast way. It is a “top heavy” program meaning that 100% of the commissions are on only 2 levels and each level of the 2 levels and only have two positions wide. This 2 wide and 2 deep for a total of 6 members. You get paid when anyone, at any time and any way, lands on any of your 4 bottom row positions (3-4-5 or 6). They will see you as the person to pay for the product sale and you list how you would like to pay by filling out your profile payment options in your back office. They then pay you and you mark the sale as paid. It’s that simple. You start getting paid $25 payouts. But you can keep recycling and upgrade to start receiving $50, $100, $200 and $400 cash payouts over and over again each time your cycle.

This Is an Opportunity And Not A Job
While people are that have been laid off or people that are unemployed are waiting to get jobs they could be earning a substantial income and becoming financially independent in their own business opportunity with the Ultimate Cycler right now. Starting today, your church and church members could be earning cash money during the recession. After all many jobs are not coming back anyway. so it is important to hire yourself with your own business opportunity and create your own economy.

Is this Legal?
Yes. the Ultimate Cycler is absolutely legal. We adhere to all state requirements and laws for home based businesses. This online program uses the direct sales approach with the powerful 2X2 compensation plan, and commissions are paid directly to their members when sales are made. The Ultimate Cycler provides quality internet marketing products that you and everyone that joins through you can use to help promote their internet marketing business. They are delivered online through our member’s area. Each member is responsible and required to report State and Federal Income Taxes. the Ultimate Cycler takes pride in providing quality products, a professional website, hosting, and software tracking for its’ members.

Will This Be A Distraction From Ministry?
On the contrary the Ultimate Cycler won’t interfere or distract from ministry, but it will actually enhance the church ministry. Not only are many of your church family members being affected financially by the recession, but many people in the community outside of the church are being effected financially by the recession. Now that your church has an economic empowerment program in place, imagine how many people your church can help overcome their financial problems by joining the Ultimate Cycler through your church members. This not only helps them but also increases income to the church because you helped them. This is a great door opener to minister the gospel they so desperately need.
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