It vex my spirit everytime I here a preacher curse, I was in service lifting up the Lord and hearing the word of the Lord and all of a sudden during a sermon someone told their testimony and said the "B" word. In church service, and guess what, people was standing up clapping. I looked at the people with a sadden look on my face; hurt because we can do better.

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I agree!!! LOL
I have too Rev. Luckett, and that is just not necessary, in certain contexts. annnnnd I would not cuss, I would just give you one of the N- pleez looks lol
Would that be a "haughty" look that God hates Altha...LOL
You won't give me a break will you? LOL
Yes the "N" word is used mostly by black people that is still in the hood in their heart, until they get a "Refreshing from the Lord" they will know right from wrong, people use that loosely what a shame to be saved and sound like your a blood or a crip I'm just saying. they will never say that to their Pastor, whats up my "N" no they won't, they got much respect for people they want to respect and when it comes to little O me they say what ever.
I Know Rev. Luckett
look up the video "God is going to use my "A" to make a point. Evang. Ann Jones let me know about this . thx Evang
Your on it Rev Luckett, I agree, You don't have to, if it offend you cut it off.
I seen the first video but not the second one
I've seen both parts now, can I judge now. lol, Evang Ann pray for me I never want to get in my flesh like that and what ever comes out of the mouth Its for sure in the heart, and who can know the heart but God, but I'm seeing alot of heart talking and I pray she aint married am I going too far, We gotta know them that labor among us and I don't know her or do I cause she just told me everthing about her, I love hearing women preach and I use to have a problem with women preachers for that reason, God gave me wisdom about women preachers and let me see they can to preach, I'm not going to let this bad apple spoil the rest of the good ones, sorry to use "Women Preachers" Because were all called Preachers whether Male or Female "Preachers Only" and by the way do you have any preaching CD's cause your powerful.
All I have not watched the videos, I can take your words that it is inappropriate. however I do want to point out that we as ministers need to know how to relate to the individuals we are ministering too.

I'm not talking filth, but we have to come off the highhorse and deal with issues that are affecting those in sin. Believe me I understand what you are saying and I agree with you, but I feel this Spirit of "Im too good to talk about this or that" if I'm wrong forgive me.

See I minister in prisons, and there are some things I address with those brothers and sisters there that maybe I won't in church, (that's a BIG maybe, lol)

See Paul said in 2Cor 12:11 ....I am become a fool in glorying....

Don't get so rigid you can't tell it like it is.


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