It vex my spirit everytime I here a preacher curse, I was in service lifting up the Lord and hearing the word of the Lord and all of a sudden during a sermon someone told their testimony and said the "B" word. In church service, and guess what, people was standing up clapping. I looked at the people with a sadden look on my face; hurt because we can do better.

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Luk 13:32 And he said unto them, Go and say to that fox, Behold, I cast out demons and perform cures to-day and to-morrow, and the third day I am perfected.

Did Jesus cuss when He called a Herod a "fox"? The word fox in the middle east and other parts of the world is considered highly offensive on the same level as the word "bi_ _ _", even worse based on what the fox represents. I know of a missionary serving in the middle east who while driving around in a white van going into some rough areas of that city had a sign on their van that had the word "fox" on it and when the people saw the word "fox" written in arabic the van was stoned. God doesn't cuss, He curses and when He curses the fig plant dries up and dies and fire from on high descends down and destroys land, homes and people.

Most of us are acting like the Pharissees of old to find ways to dismiss those who are so passionate and angry of what the devil is doing and at times will use strong words to not cuss out God but to use some specific words to create attention of the great need of the obvious slaughter taking place in this world where men, women and children who are falling prey at the hand of the accursed one. Lets stop this nonsense of being soooo offended at some words that are designed to make a point and to get your attention of the seriousness of what is ailing our community that looks as if the enemy is having his way in gaining many in the camp of satan with a shiny negro church on every corner that looks good on the outside but is ravenous on the inside. Sometimes we strain at a knat and swallow a camel!
Oh my,, my, Scott Newman, I've ran into a couple of your posts comments and would have NEVER thought I would agree with you on annnnnnnything. However, on this point, I've got to say, "Amen" to a great degree.

Indeed, not only did Yahshua call Herod a 'fox', but to the Pharisees, he stated, 'you whitewashed tombs full of dead men's bones.' He also raised his voice in righteous indignation and referred to His enemies, as 'vipers, wicked, hypocrites' and more or less 'hell going abominations of whom deepest darkness is reserved.'

His apostles followed up in like manner and referred to their enemies, as 'liars, deceivers, devils, beasts, false teachers, etc.' (Jude; 3 Jn. 9-10; etc.).

Believers must come to realize that a lot of the 'white-bred' teachings of 'subserviency' has been bred into African/Americans and was passed down from enslavement days to the present.

For instance, Jesus says, 'turn the other cheek, if they compel you to walk one mile walk two, if they take your coat give them your cloak also' (matt. 5:39 PP). All these Scriptures have been misinterpreted to mean, 'weakness' i.e. 'let them walk over you' when in reality what Christ was saying was, 'show them that they can't get to you', 'be strong in spite of the madness.'

We know this is the case for the disciples imitated this conduct to a tee. After the Holy Spirit came upon them even the religious hierarchy who arrested and harassed them were amazed at their 'boldness and knowledge' amidst their unjust persecution. This is why the Pharisees more or less said, 'they could see how educated and bold the disciples of Yahshua had become just from being in His presence' (Acts 4:13).

Anyway, I could go on and on but I won't. Please understand though, I don't approve of foolish or reckless railing out of a spirit of stupidity, I do approve of convicted men and women of God justly denouncing satanic injustice wherever it is found. The Bible says, the 'righteous are as bold as a lion.'

Even Dr. King was known to refer to white racists as the 'devils' that they were. Such is the 'boldness' of the saints to withstand evil. Like the Apostle Paul said to what he presumed was a blasphemous common sinful priest 'you whitewashed wall God will destroy you' (Acts 23:3 NIV).

Yes, calling down 'curses' upon injustice is strength not ungodliness when done in Christ Jesus. For so the Bible tells us so.
Thanks Elaine (I think)..LOL Anyway even a broken clock is right two times a day....:)

I went a couple of months ago for a training on what makes another culture offended that we do and say all the time in this american culture. Just wanted to share that in places of rurul Kenya if you call a woman a "cow" that would be a sincere compliment for cows are priceless in their culture where cows means one is rich and wealthy...Now calling an american sista a "cow" and gonna put you in yo' place for sho'...LOL

All this to say, and I agree that cursing from the pulpit is not edifying at all.... But I have heard a very popular pastor in Cleveland who used the "F bomb" that I have on tape when having an "all men, boys" revival as he passionately used God's Word to convict them to see how depraved us men who are in the street are and believe it or not, not one person felt offended. But in the end most came down and gave their lives to Christ through the pastors passion, tears and anointing. Matter of fact was one of the most powerful sermons towards us men I have ever heard.

By the way in Iraq, calling someone a "Motherless grasshopper" is like us calling someone a "M.F'er".... Why before leaving america to do mission work one must learn the culture beforehand in many courses to not offend inadvertently. In one culture just looking in another's eyes is very offensive or shaking the hand of a man will appear homosexual in nature. In some Asian cultures passing gas at the dinner table is a form of gratitude and appreciative of the good meal. In Mali Africa the men eat first and eat the best portions of the food while the women and small children eat what is left. And if you eat all of your food that was given to you in Uganda Africa that would be a sign that your still hungry and no matter how poor they are they will continue to pile food on your plate until there is still food left.

So what is offensive to us, to most of the diverse world is not offensive to them and vice versa.
Well, hi again Scott, Oh Lord, didn't mean to be offensive when I more or less stated, 'I was amazed at agreeing with you' on this subject. In the events forum, I've read a few of your comments and greatly differ with what seems to be a 'right-wing' bent when it comes to politics. That's all I meant and should have better articulated. :-)

Now, I must say, funny 'cow' example, me thinks...LOL! I see your knowledge is expansive. You should do whole posts with regard to your learnings. What, with you being an educated man with such worldwide knowledge. Do you have your own website where you share such information?

Anyhoo, I know this is a bit off the subject matter, but with regard to the very interesting information you posted on the different culture's ways and habits, tell me this, 'do you agree with such customs' or would you say that they are unclean? Just look at the 'Asian' habit you described, let's just say at best, that that habit is 'unclean' and shows us that this is a people in need of Christ.

What I mean is this, some cultures who walk in godlessness with regard to 'customs' should come to know Christ so that they can be delivered from such satanic, unclean, barbaric behavior.

I know people will say, 'to each his own' but when your 'own.' is destructive and uncivilized, it comes from Satan and not God. This is why such cultures have a high rate of death and destruction in their midst. They yield to Satan and are therefore steeped in darkness. According to the Bible, 'oh how deep is that darkness!' Satan is able to abuse and violate these cultures at will. They need a Savior.

Anyway, thanks for sharing your impressive knowledge concerning the cultures of the world. You really should start discussions with regard to world information especially in light of the fact that the former powers that be sold some of the various groups you mentioned, much of America. They have come here with their customs and habits many of which, are against U.S. law to practice, but they do it anyway.

So do let me know if you have a website or discussion forum with more information to enlightened African/Americans with regard to this 'New World Order' the former political powers let into America. Knowledge is powerful aand can wrought triump. So again, thanks for sharing.
Elaine didn't you notice my "LOL" and the symbol of the smile " :)"..... Was just playing wit' 'cha. And yes I agree that I should use this forum to speak more in terms of the specifics of Global missions and languages, customs and people groups in how their understanding from their cultural perspectives influence their thinking. And we must be careful in regarding their generational "strange to us" cultural norms in thinking somehow their "norms" are abnormal, where a lot of what we do to them would definitely seem abnormal, like women getting breast implants and black women walking around with "marybetsyanne" weaves and women who would rather use a bottle rather than her breasts to feed and to nurture her child. So when I do go to PNG (Papua New Guinea) there will be black women in the tribal areas who will walk in church with full bare breasts out praising and worshipping God...LOL

I'll bring back some pics...:)
First let me say, Rev. Williams, I apologize for the change of conversation from the original question you asked i.e. 'Is cussing wrong.' I realize a group of Christians should without hesitancy shout 'yes' and Amen, Well, it seems you've run into a group of intellectual, in-depth believers analyzing the depth thereof of your simple question. :-) Wow, it's all Scott's fault really. lol He went into all this deep, edifying stuff that can't be resisted. Hey, I told him to start his own post.

Now, that said, listen Scott, yes I realize you were 'kidding'. I just wanted to sincerely let you know where I was coming from anyway.
Okay, with regard to your reply concerning 'all people think all people's customs are different.' Well, that's not quite what I asked you. I asked you if you as a believer feel that such customs as what you described the Asians are doing is satanic, unclean, barbaric?

It's not really fair to use the American examples of 'breast implants' because you see, that's not a 'custom' that's just something a few women are doing. Most women don't do it and in fact, breast implants are used in the medical field to help women who have had breast cancer. So in that respect, it is a good medical procedure.

Whereas, the Asian custom is despicable, and unclean, anyway you look at it. It's satanic and shows they are a people who need Christ so He can wash away that disgusting habit you described. Satan is the author of filth of that nature. And for sure, you can't say that can be a good medical procedure such as breast implants of western women, now can you?

Now don't get me wrong, many of the ancient, primitive African tribes are in reality 'mirrors of the ancient Biblical tribes who the Hebrews warred against and sometimes intermarried with.' (Deut. 7; 9:4-5; Lev. 11-20; ).

Also, remember God gave laws forbidding the unclean practices of ancient nations to be practiced by the Hebrews (Deut. 7-28). If God condemned such wretched acts then, He certainly condemns them now.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about your 'cow' example. Actually, yes, cattle over tthere is seen as valuable as it was in Biblical days, when Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and the Patriarchs had it (Gens. 11-38;). In fact, that's what I mean by those tribes are 'mirrors into ancient Biblical history.' Again, to behold them is to behold the nations of ancient Biblical history. It's really a blessing that they still exist for it proves the Bible to be true.

It's just NOT a blessing that some of their customs are steeped in darkness, satanic darkness. Again, God drove out nations who behaved in negative ways, as He considered them wicked (Deut. 9:4-5).

As for your 'marybetsyanne weave' comment. Hold up, for now you have stepped on 'female holy ground.' African Women since ancient Sumeria and Egypt have put weaves in our hair. Not only that, there was found among the Ancient Hamite/African Egyptians a 'ironing comb,' just like African/American and African women of all extractions use to this very day CPs. 105:22,27; 106: 21-22; Lev. 24:10).

For the record, Caucasian women where wigs, weaves, plus, perm and iron their hair also. It's just that their men don't criticize and insult them for doing so. In fact, MEN have always worn wigs. The founding fathers of the U.S. In more modern times, tupees', and hair weaving is worn by men. It's a million dollar industry but you don't hear Black women criticizing or insulting men who do it. In fact, you don't hear women of any ethnic group doing it the way none other but seemingly SOME not ALL but SOME, black males do it. It's shameful.

Women from our youth up, play dress up with our dolls hair, how much more our own? It's a wonderful female thing. It's our business and in rightly dividing the word of truth, Paul says, 'don't let the outward adorning be the all in all.' Men, have erroneously interpreted that as 'women can't wear make up, or do our hair in any beautiful way we choose' when in reality, Scripture was really saying, 'don't let that be the main focus of what women's beauty is all about, rather, let 'godliness', 'inner beauty of holiness' shine forth.

When women feel good about ourselves, we just naturally buy pretty clothes, want pretty hairstyles, and that is a blessing from God as women are NOT making it the main focus, but just adorning ourselves in fine apparel such as the 'virtous woman' is described as doing (Prov. 31).

That's a healthy, civilized thing to do. Also, let the record proclaim, those ancient African groups that you described also adorn their hair. The Wadubi women use their husband's hair to make 'weaves.' I've seen all sorts of hair adornment upon them so proving that women have always adorned themselves. I reitierate, those ancient tribes being 'mirrors into ancient Biblical history' are proof that Paul had to be talking about not making that the main focus as many women of ancient history did. Again, godliness is what all should strive to walk in. That is what righteous women today do adorn ourselves in. That is why you are beholding a board full of women who know so much about the Word of God.

Anyway, Rev. Williams restarted a post as YOU put up information that took this conversation to a whooooole other very interesting Do start a post describing the customs and how they affect African/Americans?

What do these beings think of us? Why do Africans come over here and are arrogant towards African/Americans of whom fruits of our labor' that broke discrimination, got civil rights on the books, etc,. they benefit from?

The middle easterns who are ruthless, motherless grasshoppers did you say? Cricketing all in our neighborhoods with customs that are barbaric, sexist and downright demonic. How do we deal with them? Mind you, I know there are few exceptions but I am not focusing on the few exceptions rather the ones' who are not. What to do? Do tell?
Does your comments have to be this long, ad Bro Newman as a friend. lol Please
Bro James, I've heard alot worse from some pulpits. LOL. I was at a revival in college listening to a very nationally prominent Baptist preacher. He was doing an amazing job inciting the crowd (including myself) into a shouting frenzy. The harder he whooped, the louder we shouted. At the climax of the whoop, he let go the F-word and all of us who were shouting stopped in our tracks! TRUE STORY!!! We were so dumbfounded that he had "gotten in the flesh so quick." He quickly ended the sermon, gave the alter call and left the building. The next night, he did more teaching than whooping but never apologized for the slip up.

Does saying "Go to Hell" from the pulpit count as cussing? LOL...heard that said plenty of times during sermons and business meetings...LOL! Have a great day. Blessings
"Go to Hell" Thats cussing or the famous church one, After all the "H" I been through, thats gone to far.
"Go to Hell" Thats cussing or the famous church one, After all the "H" I been through, thats gone to far.

Hell is a place so if you tell people that if they dont get saved thats where they will go is cursing? I do agree with the original statement thought I have heard a preacher drop that B word and it just through me off. And I thought he was preaching at first.
If your preaching and say come up here for prayer so you wont go to hell; Is that cussing? No, Why? I'm trying to bring you to the Lord, Its your context the way you say it is a big key, Nobody has been through "H" word, not that place, cussing will continue in the church; you know why? We think everything is right but I stop by to tell you "NO" Even unsaved people I witness to say preachers cuss, and before that I told them God can take cussing out of your mouth, Its up to us as preachers to tame the tongue even in power, thx bless you sir.
They get away with stuff like this because they are allowed to.
We need to hold leaders to the SAME STANDARD that w hold everyone else.
The church (as a whole) needs to realize how hypocritical they have become in their judgment.


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