It vex my spirit everytime I here a preacher curse, I was in service lifting up the Lord and hearing the word of the Lord and all of a sudden during a sermon someone told their testimony and said the "B" word. In church service, and guess what, people was standing up clapping. I looked at the people with a sadden look on my face; hurt because we can do better.

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Were all going to give an account for every idle word that is spoken, whether its cussing or gossipping...
As well as every "idle" word not said as well....When we DON'T speak up for righteousness sake and not to rebuke as well the evil in our land such as abortion. Most aren't saying anything...Remember Jesus wasn't put on death row for walking on water or turning water into wine or for healing the deaf and the blind. He was crucified for SPEAKING those things of the Kingdom of God. The charge was..BLASPHEMY. You can only do that by opening up your MOUF! That too deep for ya'..LOL
People in general use profanity because they lack the communication skills to express themselves. They think the emphasis of what they are saying will be enhanced if salted with profanity. Using profanity in the pulpit (or anywhere) takes from a person's character.
We have to also take in consideration "culture" I think my sister said it the best

"Believers must come to realize that a lot of the 'white-bred' teachings of 'subserviency' has been bred into African/Americans and was passed down from enslavement days to the present."

There was an African lady at church who was testifying how she was learning to deal with a supervisor at work
" worrying the hell out of her" and that is exactly how she stated it. Other cultures are not as subservient as ours is.
Althea, I don't think her saying "hell" was all that bad, we must take the spirit behind the words that determine whether one is being offensive or not. Maybe that's just how bad it was for her being under that supervisor. Better to say "hell" than for her to go "postal" on her boss...LOL Again, we at times will strain at a knat and swallow a camel.

And I agree with you that so much of what we do and say and evaluate and judge others does come from slavery. Most are unaware and have never been deprogrammed from over 400 years of chattel slavery of the mind, body and spirit...One of the reasons why we as a whole in the body of Christ within the structure of the black church are much in division and why our communities are ravaged by depravity and sin with a church on every corner as we have no real power to change the environment in our very own neighborhoods. All we say is, "well I'll just pray for you' when someone is being attacked, persecuted, maligned, suffering, homeless, diseased, violent, abusive spouse, rape, burglarized, etc... Like we are paralyzed with fear that makes us go to monasteries called churches like were monks to just "pray over it" or have a "sanctified dance contest" as our collective enemy is slaughtering our people with impunity, while we are offended because someone said, "hell"!!! Unbelievable to me as they continue to lock up our children as slaves and as our black babies are being torn from limb to limb in black woman's sacred wombs as money for hire. Is it just me?
No it's not just you! you want to see as everyone else a change, and that change comes by teaching the word of God and not protocol
Yes! Amen and again, Yes!
I so, agree with this posting.. There is absolutely no need for that type of language. The bible says "if any man be in christ he is a new creature. Old thing (language) are past away.. meaning you need a new vocabulary.
Praise God! so you all will stop saying sandmich? I can't stand that, the word is sandwich!
I agree!!!

Words should be uplifting.... We hear cussing already around us.. At the Market, Schools, Work..etc..etc.. But when I go to church... I shouldn't hear the preacher using fowl language.... ..Yes the Word Hell is in the bible... But use it in the right context.....

Take a listen at (the late) Prophet Nathan Simmons... Love to hear him preach...Someone in the carnal mind might think he is cussing....But he's not

Call me carnal. lol!!


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