if the first lady of a ministry is causing promblems in the church and her husband is the pastor should he silence her or sit her down should he allow her over any departments

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when i tell you that this promblem is evident in the church however if it is the man that is the pastor he has a resposability to god to tend to the sheep thats why it is so very important that we stop talking about it and start living the gospel that we preach about start talking to our mates and not allow that spirt to show its ugly head we must be able to preach to the need of gods people no matter who it is mother father sister brother first lady pastor when their is a need for deleverance we must take time for gods people and make rite rite and put the devil to flight
There is as i have seen it, fewer and fewer so called Men of God handling their fathers business. Every thing from weak
cowardly men letting mother so-n-so run things to letting their wives run things. If the first lady is causing trouble as Pastor
and Husband, it is his duty to handle her accordingly. Jesus said upon this rock i will build MY CHURCH!! not the
first ladys church or the old mother whos been here fifty years church but Jesus church! If this Pastor does not sit her
down and attend to his fathers business, he is at best a weak impersonation of a leader, and is failing his flock.
Someone causing trouble should not and i repeat not be allowed to be over any ministry, group, etc until the issues
at hand are solved. She then needs apologize to those people she has wronged. Rev Lovell Block


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