The problem with getting black folks back to the voting polls is that
many black folks in America voted for one reason & one reason only
because they wanted a black President. The upcoming elections black
people are going to have to vote on issues, agenda because the
Republicans will be focused on Where Is The Change?

We have too many black folks in America that are unemployed, in
prisoned, laid-off or facing lay-offs. And in blue-collar States middle
class & below middle class black folks bread in butter manufacturing
jobs will be facing greater hardship because, as I see it, in the near
future China will step up their steel exports to the U.S. which will
mean more lay-offs. If you know like I know, China will start selling
their steel illegally into the U.S. & for those that like to recite
U.S. laws that suppose to prevent China from doing this. I say, we have
drug trafficking laws in this country but that don't stop tons of drugs
from being smuggled into this country illegally. What does all this
mean? America will face more lay-offs from the manufacturing workforce
& more manufacturing labor will be outsourced, which means more U.S.
jobs will never come back, which mean more out of work Americans & a
shrinking middle class.

Racism among white's in America have grown since President Obama took
office. Racism is suicide in elections & raising concerns
about GOP Senate members who believes that the 19l64 Civil Rights Act
went too far in preventing restaurants from discriminating against black
customers will be a point worth raising. Tea partiers carrying signs
with racial slurs is a point worth touching on. Republicans are the real
reason for the bad economy is a point they should raise but not stay on
because progress is what Americans are seeking not recent history.

What will get black voters back to the polls is a a better & detail
plan of the Health Care bill, the mandate. Are we going to be forced to
purchase health insurance? Will we face an IRS penalty if we don't?.
President Obama will have to explain to not only blacks, Latinos &
other minorities but also to young & middle age white Americans how
the mandate is not unconstitutional & it's not a plan for insurance
industries to get fat off.

I'm sure President Obama & fellow Democrats are going to hit hard on
the bills they passed that both parties agreed on. I'm sure President
Obama & fellow Democrats will focus on his aggressive legislative
& how it's good. President Obama first two months he got the biggest
stimulus bill in American history passed, along with the popular Lilly
Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, the SCHIP reauthorization, plus he reversed
restrictions on embryonic stem-cell research. President Obama has done
more than the past Administration in his efforts to pull the country out
of financial crisis and two wars. I'm sure President Obama & fellow
Democrats will point out they passed sweeping financial regulations a
historic $940 billion health care overhaul as well as bailouts for U.S.
automakers, the $862 billion financial bailout packages for banks, new
strict credit card regulations, appointing two Supreme Court nominees, a
new START arms reduction treaty with Russia and the expansion of
equal-pay protection for women.

Health insurance is going to be a hard sell. Many Americans see
President Obama plan as nothing more than a plan that will control our
health decisions and fine Americans if it's their choice not to get
insurance. Americans won't have to pay hospital bills for those without
insurance want be enough for some Americans. President Obama will have
to convince Americans that Democrats aren't "Socializing medicine," he's
not "Socializing the Health Care system." Hard sell but not impossible
because President Obama’s health care bill “actually raises more money
than it spends, and reduces the deficit in both its first and second

President Obama will have to convince Americans that the economy has
improved because the stimulus being applied to the economy.
Harder sell will be convincing Americans that the Stimulus Package want
cripple the U.S. economy decades from now. It will be smarter to explain
in detail how the spending was needed to push the recession.
It will be even smarter to explain in detail how they are tracking the
Stimulus Package spending in each State & how they are keeping track
of the corruption & mismanagement of the Stimulus Package by State
& not rely on Americans to log onto their websites to do the

The unemployment rate is up & that's a positive point to stay on. As
well as the fact that the Republicans haven't came up with a better
plan before the plan become law & believe it or not President Obama
has been significantly more successful than President Bush at cutting
spending. President Obama won 60 percent of his proposed cuts and
managing to get Congress to ax several programs that Bush was unable to

While I'm on the subject of President Bush, National Security Adviser
said President Obama is having greater success taking terrorists out of
commission than President Bush did. Energy, education & foreign
policy will also be strong points to stay on.

But here's the thing & there's no getting around it, many Americans
are aware why the United States is in a recession & they don't
President Obama inherited the recession & the war that means
President Obama inherited the blame. The blame will fall on the door
step of the White House & the new Administration. Many white voters
didn't show up at the polls last election, that will not be the case
next election. Many very normal middle class & above middle class
white folks, young & old feel they don't control Government, not
that they will have control over a Republican ran Administration, but as
long as the CEO of America is not in the image of their forefathers
they have no control over government because government don't reflect
their image.

Here's the article:

Nearly two years ago, the “audacity of hope” worked for presidential
candidate Barack Obama.
But now, it’s time for President Obama and his Democratic operatives to
kick the audacity part up a few notches.

That’s because the wave of hope that swept Obama into the Oval Office,
the hope that led many black people to vote for the first time and many
white voters to vote for a black man, is being flattened by the
politics of fear.

Obama barely had time to settle in before the GOP and their wingnut
brethren – the tea partiers – began planting doubts in the minds of
voters about the black man to whom they had entrusted the nation’s
highest office.

They did this not through any honest debate, but by linking Obama’s
attempts to govern to Americans’ worse nightmares and stereotypes.

Health care reform? Socialism.

Obama’s plans to address children on the first day of school? Hitlerism.

His inability to plug the ruptured well gushing oil into the Gulf of
Mexico – a disaster that top scientists have been unable to quell?

Obama’s failure to fix an economy in 18 months that his white
predecessor took eight years to wreck? Incompetence.

It’s all ridiculous, of course. But sadly, some of it seems to be

According to a Washington Post – ABC poll, Obama’s approval rating among
whites has dropped from around 60 percent since the start of his
presidency to just over 40 percent now. Independents are leaning
Republican, and GOP voters are more enthusiastic about voting in the
midterm elections than Democratic voters.

On top of that, strategists say that if white voter turnout returns to
its 2006 midterm levels, it could mean devastating losses for the
Democrats and Obama’s agenda.

Those numbers tell me that it’s past time for Democrats and Obama to lay
on the audacity.

According to the Washington Post, the Democratic National Committee is
spending millions to conjure the 2008 model that got Obama elected to
get record numbers of blacks and Latinos to turn out to vote in the

This time, though, Democrats ought to drive home the point to black
voters, voters who may not be inspired enough to make a trip to the
polls without Obama on the ballot, that they need to vote – and not
simply to support the president’s agenda.

Democrats should tell them that they need to vote to stop the GOP from
pursuing an agenda that is all about putting black people "back in their

That’s not making politics dirty. That’s keeping it real.

Democratic operatives should remind black people about the racist
underpinnings of the Tea Party – the GOP’s new engine of enthusiasm.
They should remind them of their attempts to distinguish “real”
Americans – meaning them – against “unreal “Americans – meaning black
people and anyone else who voted for Obama.

They should print out fliers of tea partiers carrying signs with racial
slurs scrawled upon them, with the caricatures of Obama as a tribal
witch doctor, as Hitler, as a Muslim terrorist – and remind black voters
that if they can subject a Harvard-trained lawyer and family man like
Obama to that type of demonization, imagine what racists like that will
do to them if given the power.

They should put the words of Rand Paul, the Kentucky GOP Senate
contender who believes that the 1964 Civil Rights Act went too far in
preventing restaurants from discriminating against black customers, into
campaign literature – and distribute it in black districts.

That literature should highlight quotes from Tom Tancredo, the former
Colorado GOP congressman, suggesting to an audience of tea partiers that
literacy tests – a tool that was used in the Jim Crow South to prevent
blacks from voting – be reinstituted to prevent the election of any
future Obamas.

And the Democrats should also play up quotes from Republican lawmakers
who recently stooped to vilifying Thurgood Marshall; the late black
Supreme Court justice who viewed the Constitution as a tool for ensuring
opportunity rather than protecting privilege.

Doing that, however, takes a lot of audacity – and chances are Obama
won’t want to go there. Understandably, he wants his legacy to be one of
hope; one in which a president tapped into the better nature of all
Americans to make this country the best that it can be.

But that task becomes difficult when the GOP and the tea partiers, folks
for whom Obama’s ascendancy represents an erosion of their privilege,
continue to gin up fears about his intentions, his competency and even
his legitimacy. Their fear of Obama, and their vilification of civil
rights icons and long-settled civil rights issues, is really a backlash
against the rise of minorities.

The Democrats should work to see to it that come November, black folks
don’t give them any help by staying home.

Yours truly,
Anthony Smith

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I see the spineless Phelps still shows no face & still post childish comments. Why would I vote for a gay spineless coward like Fred Phelps who's scared to put a photo of himself by his statements? Republicans did a lot of gay bashing & many of them turned out to be gay or bisexuals like yourself. Me, I'm the heterosexual Democrat who's not homophobic who will fight for gays & bisexuals if their civil rights are violated. Me, I'm the man in the photo next to my threads. Fred Phelps is the spineless coward that has time to wast energy calling everyone on this board gay or a faggot as he put it. But, yet everyone that post shows photos of themselves & stand by their thread. Fred Phelps hide behind his statements like people hiding in the closet. Fred Phelps hide behind statements like a hate group screaming childish coward hate words while hiding like Klansman behind a hood while calling the hood a symbol of being a Priest stolen from the Spanish priest. I personally think your a black person. What are you a federal informant or something? Why you scared to put a face up? Nobody going to come after you because of your childish comments. Coward hide.
What are Democrats going to do about Blacks, Latinos, below middle class & most middle class white folks that are focused on survival, their families & themselves, their debt. making the rent or mortgage, paying the collection agencies & what ever bills they can afford to pay? Basically, you have a lot of Americans who figure at this point, no matter who's in office their debt will be the same the collection agencies will keep calling, they still will be living check to check, their home will still be in jeopardy of being taken away by the banks. Americans are sick of Ivy League politicians Democrats & Republicans selling them a dream of freedom when Americans are slaves to the machine. Americans are sick of Democrats & Republicans acting like they relate & understand middle class & below middle class Americans when many of them, even the politicians living in debt., live in the finest communities they live a lifestyle far & above even the above middle class sector. Americans are sick of Ivy League politicians, Democrats & Republicans, selling them a dream, asking Americans to make donations to their campaigns & after they get in office they dreams look like a Ponzi scheme while Americans are slaves to the machine.
Wow, yeah this IS news. I had no idea you were going to stay this!
Yeah and I bet these Christians had no clue!


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