The separation of people in how they approach God has been from day one, from the formulation of worship within the Hebrew community during the Exodus and is truly fractured in Christianity.
Church in the East separates from the Church in the West.
The Church in the West gets divided by protesters, Protestants.
Protestants get divided into even more factions and then the factions divide.
Paul reminded the church as it moved toward institutionalization that only
One Faith
One Christ
One God
exist, in other words there should be but one of 'us'.
We have more than one from Anglican to Unitarian there are so many DENOMINATIONS.

Think on this I was struck by the thought that Satan benefits. As long as the body of Christ is fractured by tenets, discipline, dogma and other ideology Satan is grinning and spinning in joy.
If your way of approaching God differs from mine and worse we both think we are "Right" and they are "Wrong" the Body of Christ remains in tatters.
Are we giving God the glory by acting as if another Christian is wrong.
Many Protestants do not even know Catholics are Christians and the source from whence all Protestant have evolved.

Why are giving Satan the pleasure?
Why can't we all get along?


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There are at least a couple of alternatives to denominations in the body of Christ. One would be if all believers read the bible in the same manner, and agreed to speak and teach the same way. Then there would be unity in the Church.

The other alternative is what happened in the history of Christendom. Men began to have differences in interpretation of scripture, in doctrinal teaching, in liturgical style, etc. While they were in the same (catholic) church organization, they began to persecute and repress one another. They told themselves it was necessary for the preservation of the church's integrity. It end up being an obscenity: they conducted witch hunts and inquisitions; they tortured and murdered any "heretics" they found.

The rise of denominations was obviously better in that people could separate from one another when they could not agree about doctrines and such; they could congregate with folks who saw things their way. Denominationalism allows us to disagree about religion yet live peaceably with one another.


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