There are 2 aims of the Jezebel spirit"

1- to gain identity , glory, recognition ( praises of men)

2- man-hater, seeks to emasculate all men, steal authority and power


Two main types:

1- High Profile is gregarius, outspoken, highly visible. Often  seen as

              the "woman who wears the pants" in a marriage

2- Low Profile  is soft spoken , illusion of being solicitous, motherly,

              protective. This is the most dangerous because you never

              see it coming. Slow and subtle approach.



             1-deceiver                              5-cunning                                    9-manipulator

             2-man hater                            6-hard worker                            10-domineering

             3-unsubmitted                        7-self worshiper                         11-control freak

             4-power hungry                      8-jealous                                     12-possessive


Causes of this Spirit:

1- abandonment by parent (insecure,fear of hurt)

2-child abuse

3-passive mate nurturs the behavior

4-anger,rage, as a single parent

5-abusive relationships

6-lack of moral upbringing,lack or values for others


What you must realize is that the victory is ours over such things in our lives. Christians must learn to fast, pray, and read in order to engage and defeat them. The only way to defeat them is through the power of God. Keep yourself ready.

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This is really good!  I love when people of God breaks down the cunning craftiness of the devil and expose the sutle details of evil. Some of these things are the root of why people act as they do.  It just doesn't happen over night.  Most of these issues stems from childhood as you so posted. Thank you for posting.

@ Prophetess. Are you impling/saying that the "spirit of jezebel" is only operational in females?

thank you for taking time to respond.


They call it a female but, it is just as prevelent in men:

1-controlling spirit

2-jealous spirit

3-anger issues

4-plotting and planning

5-competitiveness to extremes

6- womanizer

Oh yea they can have that spirit of Jezebel too! This is why we need to reallly get to know, ask questions of them, familymemebers, friends they associate with. You need to know background. God wants none of us to be fooled.


This is why discernment is so important. You need to know what you are dealing with and how to conteract them.

The bible tells us to watch as well as pray, Amen! I want people to start recognizing these problems in people so they take the attitude to love the sinner-BUT, hate the sin.

I agree!  We as people of God have to have a level of discernment.  It's sad a lot don't.  When people of God really get to a point to sell out all they have to follow God, then they will began to have God experiences.  It's not so much of looking for evil.  It's looking, longing, desiring, having a zeal for the things of God.  When God becomes your first, center and last things you think about the Word of God say, he who hungers and thrist after righteousness shall be filled.  When we all get to this point, evil will then be repelled from us. 

Thank you again for this post.  It does apply to both men and women.

My Brother;

The Old Testament is written for our admonition. We have to look at the story as well as the people. For example; look at the Children of Israel. Pharaoh was a symbolic person who kept the Children of Israel in bondage. It's the same with Jezebel.

She controlled her husband Ahab and all the baal prophets and even had one of God's prophets Elijah on the run. We have to look deeper into the matter.

This is why it's called the Spirit of Jezebel.

1 Kings 16:29-34, 18:17-40, 19:1-3,

In 1 Kings 21:1-16 shows how shewd she was as a person who didn't care about anyone except herself.  She stoop to the level of decieving her husband and have Naboth killed for his vineyard.  That Spirit of Jezebel is still around today.

I fully understand you as well.  Even though there are no scriptures relating to the term "spirit" we have to follow what the Holy Spirit is saying.

For Exam. if someone tells you, you'll just like your mom, what would you think?  It's not only the personality, but the same spirit she passed on to you. 

These things are called generational curses if they are negative habits which haunts the family.  Even though they're not mentioned in detailed, this is what they are.

The bible doesn't actually single out verses about Jezebel but it speaks about the Characteristics of A Jezebel Spirit... Does that make sense?

So, my question Brother Watson: What is a spirit according to the Word of God?

I believe that the 'spirit' is not the point that God wants us to dwell on.  What we must avoid are the actions of Jezebel...

However, I do understand the point you are making regarding the 'spirit' of someone...

     The Jezebel Spirit can also possess a man.  Spirits are not gender conscious.  Its primary purpose is to control.  1 Kings 19:1, "And Ahab told Jezebel all that Elijah had done, and withal how he had slain all the prophets with the sword.

     Whenever you are not doing what other people want you to do, they will tell other people all about what you are doing.  They are trying to turn everybody against you.  This is a tactic of control to keep you in place.  You are not right if you are not doing what they want you to do.  They want to tell people about all the wrong you are doing.  

     Many ministers in the church have a Jezebel Spirit.  They want to control your money, time, spouse.  Many pastors don't want you to preach because they don't want to let another minister have control of the congregation for 1 hour. 

Oh yes, and flares up just as in a woman, no respect of gender. Amen!

     The Jezebel Spirit is the name of the controlling spirit that the church has identified and uses to distinguish the controlling spirit that existed long before the woman Jezebel existed.  We find this controlling spirit in the Garden of Eden.  This is the spirit that seeks control and usurps authority.  This spirit was very strong in the woman Jezebel. 

     Keep an eye on churches (prophetesses) without any male leadership that are really cults in disguise.  Usually the female pastor is divorced or never married and will deliberately cause marital conflicts through deceptive practices. 

     We know that spirits have names.  Mark 5:9, "And he asked him, What [is] thy name? And he answered, saying, My name [is] Legion: for we are many."  The naming of a demonic spirit is not a prerequiste in order to identify the presence of an unclean spirit.  The saints of God have the authority to call a demonic spirit a devil, demon, fallen angel, Jezebel or any other name that is deemed appropriate. 


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