Do Christian women have a right to dress sexually provocative and say that the brothers need to control themselves? Can we truly dress how we want to dress?

Many young women wear this during church services, in the choir and doing their so called praise dances.

It is my believe that we are not to become a stumbling block for our brothers. Many sisters are quoted as saying that is his problem if he can’t contain his lust and we already know that some men’s minds are going to go where they are going to go.

According to the following scripture can a woman truly excuse her sexual dress and provocative behavior. Should a Christian woman wear anything that may cause her brother to fall.

For the record I am not talking about brothers who would be tempted by anything walking but those who struggle daily because of being exposed to underdressed women, media overexposure and so on.

Romans 14:13 KJV
Let us not therefore judge one another any more: but judge this rather, that no man put a stumblingblock or an occasion to fall in his brother's way.

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Good teaching Niewview, She stated exactly what modesty is, to be conformed to the to the act of not calling attention to oneself in apparel and attitude.

Jeans can be worn modestly, and dresses as well, if the INTENT of the heart of a woman is to cause a brother to stumble than that is wrong, but a woman should not be held responsible for something she has no knowledge of, a specific fault in a man.

A little can be said about her presentation, but she spoke the word. Amen
In reading through this discussion, I can see how the church is so split on how one should address modesty in the church. First I’d like to say that modesty should be something sought after by anyone professing holiness, both brothers and sisters. Secondly, I’d like to add a brothers point view. When seeking for a wife in the church, most real brothers won’t be looking for the sister that’s trying to be seen. Not many are trying to marry someone that is the woman described in Proverbs chapter 7, dressed like a harlot, feet abides not at home, loud and stubborn. Personally, that kind of woman is a turn off. If I can hear you from across the room and see your tits every Sunday, and nobody can seem to say anything to you then, why would I want to marry you. A woman that knowingly comes to church with legs, thighs, breast and form on display, has no respect for herself, the church, or God.

I hear too many people defending this behavior and not realizing the overall effects on the body of Christ. As we become softer and softer, this behavior gets more and more brazen. Well let’s just look at the results of our softness.

Fewer and Fewer couples being united in marriage, More and more having sex outside of marriage. A lot of brothers are feeling like, why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free. Sisters always defend their rights to dress sensually, but what it boils down to is will this get you a husband or a sex partner. You can’t stay saved with the latter. Opt for the husband and stop making excuses. Also, what is this I hear about not teaching women how to dress. We see where that has gotten us. Going to some churches is like going to a night club. Peace.
"You can’t stay saved with the latter. Opt for the husband and stop making excuses. Also, what is this I hear about not teaching women how to dress. We see where that has gotten us. Going to some churches is like going to a night club. Peace."

It's modern doctrine.
And the saints wonder why the world has less and less respect for them.
Its because they now try so darn hard to be like the world instead of being a light to a dark world.
The saints say the wise thing to do is be like the fallen to draw the fallen and when the fallen comes to church dont offend them about their sensous wanton dress.
Well if you dress like a police officer - people will treat you like are - because you look like one.
Same thing in dressing sensuously.

But God will prepare his bride and he will make sure she is lovely. He will get the job done.
He will get the job done.

Praise God HE will! and I'm sure some will be a bit surprise.
Well God bless you Newview, you have said a mouthful. Yes, the saints are starting to conform to the world instead of the world conforming to God. To many are looking the other way while the house of God is being turned into a night club for sexual hookups. Notice I said sexual hookups because the brothers ain't falling on their knees asking too many sisters for a hand in marriage. But what we do see are people getting sexual hookups from the top to the bottom. Sisters come to church dressed the part and the brothers go like sheep to the slaughter.

But as you stated, The Lord's bride will be ready but those who chose to be like the five foolish will not be ready and they will miss the call when the cry is made. I know one thing, we better get it together and stop thinking that God's Spirit will always strive with us. Some see nothing wrong in looking like harlots in the church and will even rebuke you for saying something, but if we continue at this rate, us Ministers will no longer be needed to perform marriage ceremonies because nobody's getting married.
"...Where are the seasoned women of God at, the bible clearly states they are to teach the younger women..."

Dear Sister, do you really want to know?
They are told by many in the church to keep their mouths SHUT. They are told to mind their own business and let the holy spirit it's ownself teach the tawdrey dressing woman NOT like the scriptures say for the older women of to teach the younger women.
What they dont realize it is the HOLY SPIRIT that has told the older woman to teach the younger - all one has to do is read God's WORD.

I dont get it - I love having the older women keeping an eye out for the younger women.
I think the older women have a necessary task that the Body is just kicking to the side.
And the fact that over the years their mouths are being silenced- the pastors must ask themselves - are the women coming in dressed more modesty or are they coming in more and more like club bunnies?
I don't know if there being told to keep their mouths shut...You can find women as Pastors on TV showing all the bling their church (oops I mean husband) worked HARD so he could fleece (oops I mean buy)..There having single seminars and the "get that dead beat man out of your life" conference or the "I don't need a man" or the "Jesus is my lover" meeting....Most of the "older women" are teaching JUST WHAT WE SEE GOING ON!!! If a woman is dressed with a short tight skirt with her breasts (cleavage) out for all to see and jewelry and tattoos being shown for sport...what do you think the younger are going to do? "Well pastor so and so does not say it's wrong"....

Truth needs to be told and who does not like it will be free to leave...It's not your way or my's YAH'S WAY....

...You can find women as Pastors on TV showing all the bling their church (oops I mean husband) worked HARD so he could fleece (oops I mean buy)..There having single seminars and the "get that dead beat man out of your life" conference or the "I don't need a man" or the "Jesus is my lover" meeting....Most of the "older women" are teaching JUST WHAT WE SEE GOING ON!!! ...

Lord have mercy !!!!!!!
The Holy Spirit??? Sister with all due respect, we need to get rid of some of these cliche's that we use to put the responsibility somewhere else...WE make the decisions on what to dress NOT the Ruach Ha Kodesh (Set Apart Spirit.

MOST so called "CHRISTIANS" and "SINNERS" know what not to wear and what to wear in a service...Problem is you have many issues...

1. They know what NOT to wear but wear the opposite when not with "church people".
2. They know what NOT to wear but they feel that their relationship is between Yahshua and nobody can tell them what to wear..
3. They know what NOT to wear, however it is THEIR LOVE for the things of the world that has them lusting for the name brand while flooding their face with makeup, walking and talking like the defiant carnal world, While those who do see a problem with it say NOTHING.

There are more but that's all i will put....Sister it is not the Ruach of Yahweh, that has to lead up on how to dress..WE have to KNOW what is proper and what is not...WE have to make the choice in doing what is right....

You said that "I feel that true women of God are led by the Holy Spirit as to what they wear." You may feel that however, there is a problem with that concept....

I'm going to go on the limb and guess that you don't believe in the Torah being a way of life...and the problem with the "holy spirit" guiding in this manner is this....Why is it that people don't believe that a person can keep the Law of Moshe? Why is it that people don't feel they can walk as Yahshua walked?

IF the Ruach guides you to dress right, Is the Ruach guiding you to curve your tongue? To follow the Sabbath of Yah? TO keep the feast days? Seems to me that if the Ruach is really guiding a person then he/she would do what is right ALL the time for "sin shall not have dominion over you...(Ok that's a whole other lesson..) Maybe this is the reason why a person can say "If the spirit takes control everything will be fine" but yet also say "Oh we make mistakes that's why we have GRACE"'s one or the other or none.....IT is WE who have to read Yah's word get a teacher that is led by the Ruach to teach ALL truth...

My point is you and I and the rest of individuals here have to make the right choice to walk, talk and dress right...Some babies have to be drilled information...and in some cases and older woman (in this case) sometimes need a review.

It's not about the Ruach Taking control then these things happen "WE HAVE TO KEEP OUR OWN BODY UNDER SUBJECTION", we have to obey the written word of the Most High Yah...

Now in most churches today, there are women groups and men groups etc...I don't necessarily agree with the amount of separations this is causing between the genders however, they do have time to deal with this subject and i'm sure there are already cases where someone complained that "how to dress" was being taught and that person was removed, then you may have other cases where it was welcomed....First thing that needs to be done is to DENOUNCE the teachings of paganism that is part of "Christianity" and get to know the Most High of Yisrael the ONE TRUE ELOHIM....Turn from disobedience and false teaching that is rapid in the so-called church and come back to Yah...and His son well as getting back to the way YAHSHUA walked and that is by TORAH....

REMEMBER "Scriptural error is never present in its naked deformity, yet once exposed it should be detected and rejected by all who will listen." (MYBY)

We have ones confused about wether they are men or women, unatural affections, addicts, minds unregulated, suicidal and some who don't know the Name of Jesus/Yeshua has power.

and the clothesline gospel continues........ you guys be blessed
Evangelist, you are missing the point. If you are suggesting that we only talk about those others and leave this undone is not conducive to the Body of Christ seeing that this has become a major problem. There are many aspects to righteous and holy living and this is just one that needs to be covered right along with everything else. This blog is about how ones should dress so this is what the comments reflect. Other blogs are about gays and other issues so the conversations go in those directions. I don’t know of any church that only covers or teaches about one particular subject. If the time or necessity comes to teach about provocative clothes then it must be dealt with. If the time comes to teach about gays and suicide and other issues then there is a time for that as well.

I noticed throughout this discussion, you have been one of the main opponents to teaching young women how to dress. The older women are to teach the younger women and just as a few of the other posters have said, we don’t wait for the holy spirit to teach them, you teach them. It is because of the lack of teaching that things have gotten out of control. Going to some churches is like going to night clubs because no one wants to teach and no one wants to be taught. Thus we have an increase in sexual sin and fewer getting married. God Bless
Min Jackson,

Bless you, bless you, bless you.


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