Do Christian women have a right to dress sexually provocative and say that the brothers need to control themselves? Can we truly dress how we want to dress?

Many young women wear this during church services, in the choir and doing their so called praise dances.

It is my believe that we are not to become a stumbling block for our brothers. Many sisters are quoted as saying that is his problem if he can’t contain his lust and we already know that some men’s minds are going to go where they are going to go.

According to the following scripture can a woman truly excuse her sexual dress and provocative behavior. Should a Christian woman wear anything that may cause her brother to fall.

For the record I am not talking about brothers who would be tempted by anything walking but those who struggle daily because of being exposed to underdressed women, media overexposure and so on.

Romans 14:13 KJV
Let us not therefore judge one another any more: but judge this rather, that no man put a stumblingblock or an occasion to fall in his brother's way.

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I thank everyone who provided well rounded teaching on this subject matter. It is not realistic to think that we should not address any issue that arises in the house of God that is contrary to holiness. We must provide the teaching needed to those who require such teaching. To say that the Holy Spirit will teach someone isn't the proper way to look at this. I guess this is why so many are dressing inappropriately to begin with because they are not listening to the Holy Spirit. Thank God for those who will stand for the truth no matter what, whether it's teaching those how to dress, how to pray, how to fast, how to abstain, how to walk, how to talk. Teaching the body of Christ must include all things pertinent from the least to the greatest. How can a sister or a brother be an effective witness to anyone if that person is distracted by their body parts and overexposed flesh. Just something to think about.
I think I have read enough to get a good understanding of the various perspectives presented and have to say, I think it's really about all of it. Women should be aware of what they wear whether in church or not, but we also have to realize that all are not in the same place regarding sanctification and we must not quench the spirit. It often does not take much to lose a baby even in God. So yes, talk to them but in love and by example and allow the voice of wisdom to lead in where, when, and how it happens.

I learned much coming in from the world, just by over-hearing conversations of the saints, not necessarily targeting me (or so I felt lol) but catching my attention all the same, and because God then had my heart, change was able to take place. How people choose to do this in their churches may vary, what's wrong with making it a part of new membership teachings? Schools do it, employers do it and it is not typically done in any manner personally targeting anyone so people are edified but not put off. I know the church is not a follower of the world, but why does it always have to be such a personalized issue? What we have to realize is that many babies are raising babies now and coming into the church, and whether still young or old,you can't always expect that of them.

What I would add to this discussion however (if not already addressed) is the issue of what brothers ought to be teaching one another about what to even desire from a woman. Why do you think so many women believe they must dress this way to get a man? If brothers in the church themselves, setting a higher standard and making it known, elevate then sisters perhaps not already knowing where they should be in this regard, will see the better example even from them. There are many powerful images both men and women fed on while in the world, we all have a part to play. Are the brothers vocally, and in number, taking a stand against all of the degrading images out there on the female? I understand the nature of struggle for the brothers but women are struggling too, perhaps with different issues (although not always) but issues which can be or feel overwhelming as well..

I don't know how you get around the "process" involved in all of this. For some the realization is immediate, for others, not so much but is it worth a lost soul? But again I ask, given the pervasiveness of this day and time, in addition to incorporation in other church programs and/or teaching moments, why can't this be made into a new membership teaching of the church, not targeting one but seeking to edify all on day one? If then among new members the problem continues to persist, whether the man or the woman, and you have addressed all other reasonable issues, then no question about what you are dealing with.
First I'd like to say sister Dawn, thank you for a well thought out response. Now, one thing I want to point out, is that the main focus that we have tried to drive home with this post is that the older women must teach the younger women (not scold) but teach them. The fact remains in many congregations is that no one is teaching anyone so this is why things have gotten out of hand. Another point is, that we are mainly talking about women who have been in the church for years, not new converts. It seems that many are comfortable with using the house of God as an unholy hookup for sexual encounters with those willing to dive in. Wearing provocative or sensual clothing in many cases is the open invitation for availability. This is why biblical teaching on these matters are very important.

Also, you mentioned about lost souls, we must realize that not one soul that is ordained to heaven will be lost. God knows what he is doing but I understand what you are saying. We must be careful not to injure someones soul whether it's through bashing them with a bible or whether it's by being a sexual stumbling block for our sisters or brothers. They are equally important.

Like Prophetess Laura said, Be ye Holy as I Am Holy!

Good Post Sis. Davidson, I enjoyed it, your point about the brothers is a valid one, and one endowed with wisdom. Be Blessed
That is a good question sister Tricia. This scripture comes to mind with your question.

Isaiah 5:20
Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

Here you are dressing modestly and teaching the younger women to do the same but you are being scolded as if to say your modest dress is wrong and the tight jeans or whatever, is more appropriate for those professing holiness. You were doing your job as a woman of God by TEACHING THE YOUNGER WOMEN. This is very important and church leadership should not hinder the work of God in this manner. Teaching is a work of God and very essential.
Hi Sis. Tricia,

I understand where you are coming from, this is where culture comes into play, as we travel with the ministry, we stop and worship between the services at the prisons with local churches of like faiths. Some are dressed up and some wear their jeans or casual attire.

When I frequent the latter, I have no problem wearing a denim skirt, with my heels, something that falls in line with being modest apparel where I am worshipping and still respects God (because I can't do the pants in church because of how I was brought up)

You handle your situation by continuing to bring your best and being prayerful, You say you are the middle age range? Ask yourself am I approachable to the younger women? Trust GOD
Then Tricia , thats all you need to do is what you are doing. You go a little further than me with the balloon fights, lol, yes I agree there is a place and time for everything. The ones that called you out was in reference to their own children? if I'm understanding correctly, in that case, let them be the parent, that's their responsibility, your light will still shine through your example. It's an authority issue with them.

I love dressing up, that is me, however we have two ministers on our team (a couple), that are very casual and they are at their best in their boots, jeans and shirts, because they were brought up in a different enviroment. (nothing vulgar, just different)
Also Sister Tricia:

Keep on being an example of holiness in dress and Spirit. The young people will always respect you for that. And by no means should you ever feel the need to dress down to reach the young people. Reaching them is a work of the Holy Spirit. Trust me, they know real men and women of God. They watch very closely. God Bless you Sister.
Amen Sister Tricia,
You are blessed to still have a mother that age who is still telling it like it is. We need more woman of God to step up to the plate in this way.
LOL oh man...
Bro stated Fourthly, even if you wear dresses down to the ankles and a top up to the neck, men have x-ray vision LOL!!! They will envision what they want to envision.

This has been my point all along, thank you for confirming it. It is the intent of the woman and the MAN's heart that matters. Only God sees the heart!

Thank you Bro Watson


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