I recently received an email from a Pastor who was impressed at a 5 year old who had learned 46 bible verses. While this is a good start to what could become a great start, don't miss the point. She knows nothing of Christ, what she does know is how to give back what was given to her. (that will preach) What I am saying is, we have too many Christian who can recite scripture, yet have no relationship or know of the personage of Jesus Christ.
Be impressed with the teen who speaks to others and say, when I was a child I came to know and love the Lord by the love my family had for Him and made me want to know Him for myself. Child learn what they see, and ignore what you say, when it does not line up with what you have said. Think about this as a good start, but don't drop the ball.

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A complete Amen Rev. Sunee. Parents are to train up children in the way they should go and this includes teaching them how to have THEIR OWN RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS. There is a definite difference in reciting a scripture and living it. Amen
Thank you. This has given me incentive to speak to our youth pastor on the matter of helping the children and their parents understand what salvation means.
Great topic,and also great response EW.But as i have been ministering lately, i was brought back to reality by a question from a seeker,who was homeless. How come people can't see me? Amazingly it took me back to my early training becoming a christian,memorizing scripture for test, or for church, knowing i was to spread love were i could, feeling a need to help in my heart.But as we get older we forget about ministering to ALL ! The church has pull us inward,and made us the institution of Christ,instead of outwardly as Jesus did. Everytime after He taught and preached, He never was looking for a congregation, He moved on, and after each Holy Spirit filled session HE said,go spread the good news. He never intended for us to become walking bibles, but instead walking testimonies! If all this gathered knowledge is just brain food, the brain is full, and the Spirit is starving for actual action. So it starts with the teacher of the word,or we all fall!
Great insight! keep this ball rolling. We, who have been called, are to teach. By that I mean, as we go...we are to not only live our message but develop others to do the same. My understanding of the great commission is not to get a big church, but to go from that place, teach, tell, and grow. When they get it, show them how to teach, tell and grow. Ours in an outreach ministry and should perpetuate itself back on itself.

Your other concern is more introspective. We who are busy "playing church" forget that God said, "that you do to the least of mine, you have done also to me." This is twice in the OT and once in NT, that means God wants us to remember we are our brothers keepers and we can trade places in a moment. Don't forget the lesson of Job, who lost it all, but like Tramaine Hawkins, he never lost his praise. We must stop talking, and start doing. When we embrace all people, we embrace God. Amen, and God bless. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOkwUKn_gfc


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