Does this frighten you???? How would your pastor respond to this!!!!

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Wrong. It looks like this is one of the prices that we are now paying due to the high rates of abortion.
It would appear that the Church (body of believers) need to be more diligent in spreading the Gospel. It's not just the abortion rate that's causing this problem, but the conversion rate as well.
Just like most Pastors ignore other important issues, such as aids, abortion, sin in the church, poverty in our communities, lost souls, saints that are bound in sin, and so much more, they would probably ignore this too. Just like brother BG stated, if there's no money in it for them, they can care less.

Now I know a handful might care, but let's face it, most of these people only care about me, myself and I. They are only concerned with the here and now.
no it doesnt frighten me at all we are in the time of the great falling away hollines is now no longer preached in most chuches so the spirit of God lifts
when it gets really bad as Gods judgement fall we will have preachers raised again like the weslys finny booth
god will move again he is always in control
when groups of believers get back to holiness conviction will come again its not about numbers they will come when the church gets back to the word
Maybe it will provoke the Church to jealousy and the pastors to preach the word of God so that the Father can draw the lost souls instead of trying to 'entertain' the lost souls into the church.
Trying to be like the wordlings wont prick people to their hearts to repentance - it just gives them a different place to do what they do.
God has not given us a Spirit of fear but of love power and a sound mind. Let us not worry about tomorrow, but live saved today.

Acts 2:21 And it shall come to pass, whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.
Question for the board, WHY WOULD THIS FRIGHTEN YOU? DO you not read your bibles? We are in a fixed fight, the CHURCH wins! Now this is not to say this should not be something that should be preached about but lets be real in order for things to get better (The Return of Christ) they have got to get worse! And there are Pastors who are aware and preaching about it, we need to become more like the disciples in Acts:

And they departed from the presence of the council, rejoicing that they were counted worthy to suffer shame for his name
But its not being preached about among other things...And it should frighten those who are not being warned nor prepared from what is surely coming. Yeah, right the negro cherch is the most frightened when persecution comes, why most commediennes mock us as being scared to death......If we aren't the most frightened, then we would be the majority on the global mission fields as well as the local mission fields and the preacher man would tackle some of the more difficult issues that are affecting our communities the hardest like fornication, abortion, hell, heaven, sin, etc........So who we kidding?? Yeah, we ain't frightened but....SCARED!
Speak for yourself, God has not given us a Spirit of fear! Scott, I know for a fact, COGIC is huge in their global mission, could you consider that you are just not privy to what all of God's body is doing?
Altha, I do this 24hours per day and look at every denomination and what they do and how much is invested on the mission field of the unreached whether locally or globally and the numbers would frighten you...Yes we are not given a spirit of fear, but we are the most fearful on the earth. One of the main issues when I go to the black church to speak as to why we are not doing much outside the four walls of the church and FEAR is the #1 reason as to why we are not there while others suffer and are heavy laden.... I go to 3-4 churches per week to present and make aware and to mobilize the church to go global by either going or supporting those who do go. ANd its the black church that is the least interested as well as the least represented and willing to go and to support those who do go. How does COGIC church send missionaries and black missionaries at that long term? Long term is anything from 3 years and more. Short term is not missions, its just to determine whether God is drawing one to go long term. Short term is anything less than 2 years on the global mission field. So I ask (thousandth time) how does COGIC develop those in the pews to equip them and to prepare them for long term missionary service and the church at large in praying and financially supporting those who are called and are obedient to go? I speak at 3 Spanish churhes next month as well as 2 Chinese churches (the chinese sends out the most missionaries on earth) and 4 white churches are lining up. Next Sunday I am due to speak at 2 white churches. I gotta beg the black church to even let me come in on a Tuesday to speak and when they do they only give me 5 minutes to speak...LOL The Spanish church told me through the email that they would like me to speak for at least 45 minutes and do a power point presentation as well as play some powerful videos to help us mobilize our church to get more involved...The Chinese church wants me to speak for three days straight and convict them harshly...The black church ...weeeeeellllllll, anyway...So I ask, give me the COGIC stats, cause I have my own. I'm not a rookie at this...
Brother Newman - that is very sobering. I dont think its fear though.
These leaders dont want to direct the congregants effections (hence their treasures) toward other peoples outside of their four walls. But God is not asleep.
He has no problem with removing the lights from these churches lamps.
His spirit listeth where it will and the Lord will give the job to other people.
I think that it should be a sounding trumpet,,since as blacks we're only 12% of the popoulation here in America compared to the 60's-80's when we was pretty much the majority,,,we have adopted to abortion starting from the back alley abortion wich consist of clothes hangers to the doctors office,,,where hispanics DONT abort there children BUT we're brainwashed that if you cant you have a choice if you dont want it,,,what if our parents aborted us?I am totally AGAINST IT ,however I do support Family stucture FIRST as well but I dont think abortion is an option ..
thanks for allowing me to share


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