Does this frighten you???? How would your pastor respond to this!!!!

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Thats white nationalist islamophobic material.

...and even if it isnt fake It wouldnt be a bad thing. Europeans have did nothing but destroy others cultures and force themselves on others...this happening to them would be divine! LOL.

"Europe as we know it will cease to exist"

^^^I cant wait....and every non-white person should agree
thought as Christians we weren't fighting flesh and blood but principalities of darkness in high places...I must have a different bible than you Zoey. People of color are not exempt from debauchery and depravity as our white brethren...God is no respector of persons. I know more white folx who are caring for more people of color in the world than any other ethnic group....Who are creating more orphanages around the world, it is Junebug or Keisha? LOL
Who causes the places where they are setting up orphanages to be the horrible places that they are? Thats the basic form of colonization right there

Nuns and their like bring the bibles to tame the african/asian/american and their soldiers come in to enslave or wipe them out.

The tables have turned and this is now happening in europe(according to the video)......I feel no sorrow for them. What goes around will always come around
Ok Zoey, yes agreed what they sow they shall also reap...However we should not wish nor pray for anyone to suffer, white nor black. I do agree that colonization of a people was an evil attribute that has caused great pain and anguish among the indigenous people groups all over the world. However, that said I do know some very powerful and impacting white folx on the mission field who are doing some exceptional work with those people groups and have counted the cost in making sure they are breaking down the old ways of colonial thinking and working towards being true brothers and sisters instead of the parent-child relationships of what colonialist missionaries of old had created. I know many white and conservative and republican white missionaries who have a real heart for the indigenous people they serve. Lets not put all under the same cloak as we don't want them to do the same with us.
I dont wish they shall suffer, and I do believe many are doing great deeds but I cannot help but laugh at these type of videos of them scared about having their way of life taken(which is the exact same thing they did all over the world)
Rev 7:9 "After this I beheld, and, lo, a great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues, stood before the throne, and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, and palms in their hands;"

That does include all races, colors and ethnities and languages worshipping the Lamb around the throne. In order for this to happen, all must willingly be involved in going cross culturally to proclaim the Good News of Jesus the Christ to the nations of the unreached and unevangelized...This will be fulfilled, either your in or your out.
Would like to invite you all it's not too late

Thank you for sharing. This is of great importance. We must open our eyes, pray, fast and seek God to spread the word of God throughout all of the world.


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