How does tithing fit into a believers life?

Is it a must in a believer's life as a Christian?

Do non-Christians tithe?

If, it is , Why?

Where did the Tithe Come From?


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In speaking of the pens,listening to her words, you can clearly hear that what she's saying is not of the spirit of God... smh
iam bless to join your group thank you evangelist pastor susie houston
What is a FAG?
if you belong to achurch you should give here what the bible say god so loved the world that he gave his begotten son if you love you give mathew 6 say because you belong to god he will take care of you mathew 6 psalm23 and 1 god loves you in the world of nonbeleivers there is supply and demand if there is no giving there is no getting economics genesis14 the begining of tithing
The Gift of Giving, by a person with a circumcised heart brings "joy to the Lord, don't you think?
Love is Giving. However, LOVE is NOT money.

Yeshua GAVE his life. Sacrifice. Love is self-sacrifice. But Yeshua did not give money. He gave of himself. There are many things that one can do in service to others. People tend to substitute all those things with money. And that isn't a cure all. Someone has to be there to listen to someone, counsel someone, teach someone, heal someone, visit someone in prison, allow someone to stay at their house, things like that.
The tithe was done away with when the priesthood was done away with when Jesus fulfilled all the law and went on to be our advocate before God. We should give from our hearts what God has put on our hearts to give and not under compulsion or coercion.

I would love to see where in Gods word, in the 2nd covenant, does God command us to tithe?
iam glad to join your group thank you evangelist pastor susie houston
A Thought Provoking question! What's
between you and your God that you can't pay tithes? It's not between
you and the man of God but between you and God. No where in the bible
does it say to stop giving tithes. The Law Changed the Order of
Priesthood . If you Count the number of times the priesthood is
mentioned 60 or more times in Heb.7 it talks about
the priesthood being changed! Jesus is our High Priest today! So next
time you you don't give what's God's it's between YOU and JESUS!

Check this video out! This will make you Laugh! God Bless!

Now This maybe hard for some to understand but I do want to say Tithing to God is biblical for us today. What's between you and Your God?.


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