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You gotta wear more than fig leaves.

Does what you wear to work make a difference?
What you wear says alot about the respect for the people you are to meet.
It shows how much respect you have for them as well as their position you hold for them in your heart.

It does matter.
Real attention grabber. Keep encouraging righteousness, eventually a turn around would come about.
God bless

Yes there is a difference in what you wear in church. For example, women should not wear short skirts or dresses with low clevage dresses; this makes you look like a slut and it brings attention to herself. Ladies should dress like a lady and not like a slut in church.

Now fellas, be dressy but not a bum or pimp.

If you dress in suit look nice but be clean.


I think clothing does matter. Come as you are new Christian and as you mature in Christ... you'll know better and should do better. I'm referring to the ones who come to church with the tight, every curve outlining dress on that's cut up to and down to there...
long as the one that are saved don,t come in the church just to get attention showing that you look good for what you have on and don,t have your mind and heart to worshiping God. But if a sinner come in and don,t know Christ it is alright what they have on because their soul is more important and once that except Christ into their life they much be talk with love by those that are saved  how to dress  Godly.

Clothes have a purpose and if not enough, it can be a distraction. If too much, a distraction. Any variety of wear can be a distraction from the purpose of honoring, worshipping and praising God with the ekklesia. Nevertheless, we do need to focus our attention as to why we are there and let the leadership and God bring and encourage conformity with the person in question. Let see her or him as a family member and love them the same. As family, we do not compare the world because they are in God's family and ours. Let love carry the day and pray ye one for another and the lord by his Spirit will bring the appropriate correction. Prayer and love is a dynamic duo. Love them anyway and let the focus be on their souls, their spirit and their spiritual growth. Love wins out. Thus we please God. thank you.


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