Does your church have an Apostle over you Pastor or over you Bishop? If you are not afraid to being your assembly together with the wil of God through my vision, please contact me. Your feedback is appreciated. This is not about me or you , but God ! Reaching his people and glorifying himself. Let's reason together.

Apostles are overseers. They over see Pastors and Bishops. No one is an Apostle unless or until God makes them one. The church is beginning to catch up to the corrections she has to correct. How about your church, is it already under an Apostle? If not , I am called, anointed , appointed and ordained to oversee assemblies headships in the north American continent by the Spirit of the Lord Almight God and Jesus Christ. Let's talk about it.


The governance of the apostolic anointed men and women is needed and necessary as the church become the bride adorned and making herself ready for Christ's Jesus return for his bride! Let the church understand and comply with the destiny of God's house; one house. Come on and try the Spirit by Christ's Holy Spirit.


I love you.

Thiess Christian 24/7/365


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Paul warned believers of false apostles, and the Lord Himself commended a church for having "tried them which say they are apostles." How would you authenticate your apostolic credentials if asked?
Wow. It sounds like you've been indoctrinated by the New Apostolic Reformation Movement (NARM), which basically teaches an apostolic take-over of each and every Christian assembly. This is not taught in Scripture.


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