Does your non-profit group ever have any difficulty in reaching fundraising goals?

Does your non-profit group ever have any difficulty in reaching fundraising goals?

Is there an ongoing need for fundraising efforts?

Tired of asking the same people over and over again for a donation?

If you have answered “Yes”, OurGV Rewards is your solution!

It is simple and FREE for a non-profit group to be part of the program. Initially, a member or supporter of your group registers for free by completing a simple online form so that the Program knows to list your cause as the beneficiary. Every time supporters of your charity shop at designated stores, a percentage of the purchase goes to your organization. The more supporters shop at businesses in the Program and purchase products or services that they were going to buy anyways, the more funds are raised!

The potential of the program to help your organization meet (or beat!) your fundraising goals is strong. Just as there are many more customers of girl scout cookies than are actually members of the group, the number of potential customers who can help your cause is much greater than you might think. Everybody shops! In addition to the active supporters of your group, there are many people who are not active that would be happy to do something so simple, yet powerful, if they knew about it.

People who live far away from your community can still shop and benefit your group. ANYTIME, ANYONE, ANYWHERE shops on your non-profit's customized OurGVMall site and shops at over 1000 designated stores, your group raises funds!!

Supporters can choose from hundreds of existing existing online retailers in addition to the new merchants that are added every month!

No coupons to remember!
Provides an ongoing fundraiser!
FREE to use!
Products and services are ones that people are already going to buy!
If you feel that your non-profit organization can benefit from the fundraising concept of OurGV Rewards, please contact your local OurGV affiliate today!

Tassel Daley ( Ourgv Co-ordinator)
813 651 9811

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God is to deliver a new church my understanding I desire to assist


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