Colossians 3:18 (King James Version)

18 Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as it is fit in the Lord

There has been wives that has been giving bad advice about staying in a abusive relationship with there spouses which cost them their lives not only there lives the children lives also. Scriptures have has been taken out of context concerning submission when it pertaining to verbal, mental, and physical Abuse.

quote"I wear the pants in the house you have to do what I say" mentality has been overated

instead of being the Godly husband with Love according to Ephesians 5:28-33

28 So ought men to love their wives as their own bodies. He that loveth his wife loveth himself.

29 For no man ever yet hated his own flesh; but nourisheth and cherisheth it, even as the Lord the church:

Some husband has become a hard task master like a white master to a black slave(no offense intended)

To me that is not God's divine way for a husband or wife to live.

What is really submission?

How far should a Women Submit to her husband?

Should a Women stay in the abusive relationship until God move?

What are yall thoughts on this Matter

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women should not stay in abusive relationships....oi vey...don't give abusers a reason to beat their wives by twisting scripture....
I agree with what you are saying a lot of people twist the scriptures to justified what they are doing.. This a very dangerous situation that need to handle carefully and wisely.
Depends on how you define abuse. If a woman is not being submisive then her being punished should not qualify as abuse
Are you saying that just becaue a women doesn't obey she deserves to be slap, kick, punch, etc..etc.. physical......abuse means doing body harm by inflicted terrible pain in the result of broken bones, busted noses...etc..etc...

Farmers hit there animal (cows, bull, horses...etc..etc..) to get to follow right ..but a women is not a animal

I know there are countries that do alow the men to beat there wife if she doesn't submit...even to the point the male son is allow to hit his mother...

but where do you draw the line..??
Do you feel a parent is abusing a kid if they spank them when they do wrong?
Trust me I understand what you are saying!!!

to some agree, there is a difference in abuse, and just a spanking,

When I was going up my father and mother whip my butt, when I got out line line.. No broken bones, busted lips, etc..etc..

Where do we cross the Line to say when it's abuse or not
The line between abuse and a rightful spanking is blurry

A man should not be able to just go upside his wifes head whenever he feels like it, yet she shouldnt be able to go free without punishment if she breaks the law of what god demands of a wife..

Do you think a man spanking a woman when she does wrong is abuse?
The bible/ God never states that a husband should punish his wife by beating them!!
Very True. I feel each man handles things differently
Hii Lisa, you are speaking of 'spanking' as a child whereas this African is speaking of that brute-like spanking grown women that goes on in Africa. Get it? Barbarism is alive and well. Let us pray for those women's liberty and let us thank God that in America, a woman can defend herself. Let us praise God that we live in a civilized nation like America that will punish this type of brute-like conduct that such call their 'human nature.' Just calling it like it is. Shameful.
America "civilized" thats a way to put it.
Yes, that's a way to put it, when the 'civilized' black men and women marched to make it 'civilized' and prevailed.

Yes, that's the way to put it when black women and men, along with righteous Caucasians fought to get 'women's rights' on the books so women would no longer be under the rule of wretched, barbaric males abusing Scripture to justify their evil.

Yes, America is 'civilized' because of the 'civilized' righteous factions in America who fought and fight to keep it 'civilized.'

Listen, we all know of the un-civilized conduct of the demonic whites who enslaved. However, victory comes when we look past it, without forgetting it, mind you, and begin to Praise God for the victories of valiant blacks, whites, browns, yellow, red, who fought against established evil and made America 'civilized' amidst the madness.

We sure can't say the same about African nations that have women as chattel to this day.

About Latin American nations that so abuse their women, that there is no such thing as a 5 year old virgin for they are all put in a brothel.

About the Asian man who forces abortion on the female and keeps her steeped in ignorance, and in some cases, chains.

As for the Middle Easterns, well, we are not even dealing with a man, rather we are dealing with a prima-donna, satanic, repressed homosexual culture who fawns over the MALE, and demeans, the female.

So yeah, let us daily praise God for WE the 'civilized' American faction who benefit and act on the laws on the books to destroy the evil of abuse of women that is mainstay everywhere else. Oh yeah, real 'CIVILIZED' is America and don't you forget it.


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