Since minorities tend to have medical problems that make us the hardest hit by the Covid virus, maintain safety precautions even though the majority opinion is that we can go back to the same lifestyle decisions made before the virus arrived.

Pastors, I understand your concern about maintaining monetary contributions and member attendance. We can solve these challenges by being innovative in providing virtual worship services and establishing easy methods of contributing through the Internet. 

Parishioners, please maintain social distance and wear masks when outside your homes. We can save ourselves by maintaining personal responsibility to preserve our lives and the lives of vulnerable people living with us, by following CDC recommendations. Observe the majority group as they gather in groups and interact without masks, but DON'T BE PERSUADED TO DO THE SAME. We as a race have too many miles to go before we sleep to sabotage our lifespan by 'following the leader' as the majority group take chances with their lives by congregating without taking protective precautions. God will keep us safe if we take action to protect ourselves. Blessings.

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