Believers you have a responsibility to take note and act upon 2 Timothy 2:15 Study to show thyself approve, the word of God is pretty clear there, so we cannot blame someone else for not knowing what the word of God says. There are ample indication in the word of God which directs us to know the word, to study the word and to discern who and what gives us food and the food that we are being fed this means there is a lot of responsibility placed on the individual to ensure they study the word.


Take note that there are an awful amount of warnings giving to us about false teachers and prophets so we have no excuse in allowing ourselves to be deceived.


The word of God is truth and the truth will set us free, therefore satan has no conceivable reason to teach the truth because he knows that the truth is powerful so why would he want us to have that power, therefore it behooves us if we want to be free to know the truth. The devil will always teach a lie and that same lie if we believe it, will be our downfall, because when you are deceived into believing a lie you are thus unable to see the truth so you accept and commit to the lie which lead us away from the path of God and in the end that lie will damn us. 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12


Anyone who blindly follows another without question and accepts things blindly without testing it, is in serious problem. So don’t think the leaders will be taking the punishment for peoples stupidity, they will be punished for their own unrighteousness as will everyone for there own unrighteousness including going after or believing and committing to a lie.

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I realize now that when I was in the christian religion the father had been leading me to the light. Piece by piece, bit by bit, the father continued to feed my curiosity and toe give me information.Now it has all come together and even though there is more, MUCH, MUCH MORE to learn and know (as in KNOWLEDGE AND TRUTH), there is the ONE THING that will have be learned, recognized and accepted by all in this part of our dispensation:


I have posted a couple of links here. The first is a warning I wrote to NEW COMERS TO THE CHRISTIAN RELIGION:

The second link is just some good old fashion study to demonstrate that CHRISTIANITY IS OF THE DEVIL:

The third link is HISTORICALLY BASED and demonstrates that JESUS IS A FALSE ROMAN PAGAN GOD that was invented by the founders of the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH which was USED BY THE DEVIL to keep the world in the dark and thus condemned to hell.

And finally, here are a host of links to help the wise to do their own research for the truth. BE NOT AFRAID OF THE TRUTH YOU MAY FIND TO POSSESS FOR YOURSELF: FOR HAVING TO TEACH IT ONCE YOU KNOW THE TRUTH WILL BE FAR WORSE!

This is just what people do. In the very worse way! I have discovered that JESUS DOES NOT EXIST! The catholic church made him up when they canonized the first bible. JESUS IS A TRICK TO KEEP US IN THE DARK AND AWAY FROM THE LIGHT, and the devil is depending in the sheep like nature of man to JUST FOLLOW ALONG BLINDLY!

Angela hi. I followed with keen interest the very insightful exchange between you ans Sarah and I'll love to make a few observations, if I may. If indeed you've been in the faith for just about 4 years, I must say I find your insights astounding. This is eloquent testimony to your commitment to personal study.

I wish however to differ on your view on the importance of the five fold ministry offices vis a vis other provisions of scripture. Because God is not the author of confusion and every scripture was God - inspired, it is my view that any conflict(s) in scripture is almost always a result of subjective human opinion, experience or mindset interfering with the divine intent of the origial communication. There is no conflict between the institution of the five fold ministry gifts and other core christian principles like evangelism, prayer etc.  Simply put, the 5 fold offices were specificallygiven to the church to GOVERN AND FEED the church while equipping the individual members to effectively do all the other very important things you so eloquently explained. That people may be using these offices as instruments of control and manipulation does not change the very clear provisions of scripture...

impimportant things you have so beautifully emphasizedand this does not - or sh

Thank you Bro. Stanley Orji, Just to confirm yes I only accepted Christ, August gone four years when I had an actual visitation one night from Christ.

Please do not misunderstand me I do not undermine the five fold ministry as I have stated to Sarah, but when Sarah and not just through this discussion but many discussion that we have had state that it is not important to study the written Scripture, but state that the five fold is the most important thing that is not correct as the Scriptures instructs all believers to study, to pray and to make disciples, however the only verse of the Bible which specifically mention the five fold ministry gift in its entirety is Ephesian 4:11 and guess what this is not given to all of Christ disciples only to some ' And He gave SOME, apostles and SOME prophets, and SOME evangelists and SOME Pastors and Teachers.  One verse in the whole of Scripture mentions this therefore one cannot say it is the most important function.

Now so we do not get confused we are talking about the five fold Ministry gift that is the five occupations together. Now notice I have not said it is not important to have shepherds ( a shepherd is a leader) leading the flock, of course it is important but when someone says that studying the word of God is not as important as having the five fold ministry that is not true. The word of God is very important because it was through confusion on the word of God that men fell when satan cast doubt on the word of God,  When we know the word of God no one can use it to confuse us because when we know the word we will stand on the word and not fall, it was the word of God that satan tried to tempt our Saviour with in the desert, so knowing the word of God is of utmost important. Bringing the lost sheep back in the fold is very important because God desires and created man in order to have the companion of man who is in His own likeness, and praying is very important because it shows man’s need and dependence on God. The Scripture right through from the Old to New Testament put great stores on the studying of the word.

God wish that all men are saved not just the few that are given the ministering gift, that does not take away it's importance, it is also should be noted that throughout Scripture we are warned of false teachers, that is someone who is walking falsely in the five fold ministry and only by studying and knowing the word that one will be able to discern who they are. 

So yes knowing the word is of utmost importance because even those who are in the five fold ministry cannot get by without knowing the word but a disciple can get by without being a five fold minister. I should also point out that the word of God can get by without the fivefold ministry but the five fold minister cannot get by without the word of God so there is no doubt how important the word of God is to a believers life regardless of the position hold, satan knows that and we ought to know that.

I hope I am not coming across as being against leadership I am not, it is important to have leaders however any good leader in the ministry would ensure that its flocks have the tools that they need in order to be equipped and the word is the sword a most important tool in any war.

It is important to note that it was the very leaders who gave our Saviour the most problem that led him to seek the people directly, showing that the return of lost souls was of great importance.  

I notice you have a collar, please understand I have much respect for the leadership in the ministry, I have a Bishop that I respect very much. I am not even ruling out that God may even place me in the five fold at some stage due to things He is revealing to me, although I would if I have a choice prefer to be a member as I have no aspiration to climb the ladder so to speak but at the same time I am mindful of the Jonah experience so am open to whatever the Lords will for my life when He is so ready.

Brother, I astonish myself with how much I do know but I also know that these knowledge do not come to me via my own ability but it is the Christ in me who is moving me to where I am and the knowledge I have.  


(By the way today there are more hirelings trying to walk in the five fold ministry than are called by God).

God bless you my sister. The collar is just that. I was just airing an opinion on the authoritative scripture, I wasn't necessarily defending 'my' constituency...*smiles*

Brother I do appreciate your opinion

Two points not answered still?

Sorry I still think that 2 Timothy 2:15 is taken way out of context from its meaning as it was originally meant.When that was written there wasn't anything to study. The Jews had Torah and a few scrolls here and there, but the printing press didn't come into being for another 1500 years where there was something to study? So the scripture did not mean that. So what did it mean?

Secondly, when we lead someone to Christ we ARE asking them to blindly trust what we are saying is true and because of that a lot of people are mislead. Two for example Mormons and the Book of Mormon and Jehovah's Witnesses, just to name two, but there are many. I am sure everyone has seen the little booklet the 4 spiritual laws, where basically says everyone has sinned and all you have to do is believe Jesus died for you and then go to church somewhere? Talk about half truths? People following in any number of those are following blindly?

Greetings Sister from Wales UK. The Lord bless you and thanks for this l post and provoking thought this morning.

May I add my bit? I dont think folks intentionally get into false doctrine, very few folks will say "Oh this is not true but I believe it anyway!" Usually no one can see error until they themselves are confronted with truth and challenge their own views and beliefs through study as you have correctly encouraged the reader to do so above. Secondly how would we determine false doctrine and by whose standard? for what is truth to one may be error to another and there are many warning us about false doctrines but are themsleves in the sight of others the very ones preaching error and false doctrines.

I think the bottom line is this. Jesus is the "truth" and his doctrine for the church is the apostles doctrine. (Acts 2:42). Therefore our beliefs must line up to the apostles doctrine, anything else is error. Thats the measure, the apostles doctrine. Its their doctrine that determines what is a false apostle, a false prophet and false doctrine. The secret therefore is to preach truth then error will be clearly visible and exposed

Whats your thoughts? and thanks for allowing me to share this with you today
Be blessed.


I will try to give a partial answer. I generally have to seek God on how to respond to most of the things asked and that is the difference between true and false doctrine. Way back when, people had a testimony, even Paul, as he went to different towns and cities and gave his testimony our what he had experienced. That is a good thing and that is what should be done. WE should share with one another what God has spoken to us or shown us or what we have experienced, but today, people quote scripture up one isle and down the other, for example 2 Timothy 2:15 where it is commonly read that we are to study and study more, but if we put it in context, what exactly were they studying and what they were actually doing is listening to the Spirit or Jesus and then testing the spirits to make sure it was of God. 

Another example of bad teaching is the verse faith cometh by hearing and hearing from the word, but today people BELIEVE the Word is the Bible more than they believe that the real Word they were talking about was Jesus and when Jesus or God speaks to you it is a faith builder. At the time there were not Bibles. Today people confess that the Word spoken about in scripture is the Bible. It is like most people ignore that part where Jesus is the Word? So, now we have true and false teachers and false doctrines. 

I cannot for the life of me imagine a real apostle telling people that the Bible is the Word? I mean an apostles speaks for God and to hear from apostle you are hearing from God unless it is the false apostle. Yes today there is a lot self proclaimed apostle, but how one knows the true from the false is the test that Peter was given by Jesus when He said to Peter, who do you say that I am? Peter of course comes back and said the Jesus was the Son of God, so we have an example and Jesus is still the example if we just follow the example which is the Spirit of God confirms all things from Him. 

What gets me is people run around saying that the Bible is complete and all that then add things to it or take from it and add all sorts of dispensations to it all reducing what it says in scripture, but they would swear up one side and down the other that the Bible is true and complete. Dah........ 

So the standard we are to use is the Spirit of God and no other standard. It says those that are led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God, yet the Spirit has been replaced by the Bible in many cases and those that have done that do not have the love that the ones that Jesus' people have. Jesus said Himself that they will know that you are mine by your love one for the other and where the love comes from is the Holy Spirit. . Doesn't say that those that they will know that you are mine by how well you can teach or preach or even quote scripture or raise the dead even though that is impressive to say the least. By our love one for the other and so that is the standard yet not many go by the standard, they go by the preaching or the teaching or how big the church building is or how pretty it is. It happens because people are seeing with their eyes and ears and not their Spirit, which should be our Spirit. 

So yes I agree with you when you state that Jesus is the truth and agree with the apostles doctrine and true we are either seeking Him or we are seeking knowledge to add to what you are saying and usually people seek knowledge so the can judge others, which always brings back to the tree of knowledge of good and evil. 

Sharing is hopefully equal and equality is also key from the true to the false as we are all equal, but most teach there are some more equal than others? 

Blessings Dr Sarah and thanks for your response. I enjoy the perspective of other people, yours too, it enlarges me! Your post is worth a second read... and with that I say "blessings" and have a great weekend.

Well it is the responsibility of the ministry to lay the foundation of JesusChrist in the new believers life but once the
foindation is laid it is the responsibility of the believer to be careful who builds upon that foundation 1 Corinthians 3:1-23 God bless

Sounds good and your right, I cannot agree, but once that is said as many as 96% fall away because of the lack of the foundation. I mean we all know the great falling away takes place before the great tribulation, but no one wants to think of the possibility that because of practices in the church, when foundations are not properly made, we might actually causing the great falling away, because the emphasis is too much on evangelical Christianity, believing it is just about accepting Jesus and not about raising the children, which comes from the common belief "once saved always saved," which suggests to people all they need to do is go accept Jesus and continue on in life? Evangelical zionists are actually trying to move things forward so Jesus can come back quicker as they believe in a pre-trib rapture for the most part. What they teach is that we have no power and Jesus will fix it when He returns. 


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