Generally speaking, Do you think God will tell you to leave your spouse for cheating? What u think?

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I strongly believe in this particular situation , God will give you a choose. However, if you choose to decide to forgive him or her, not only have you activated forgivenes and faith to believe that God is a healer but you have also brought Glory to God! Which is more important than any situation we may go through in life. If we can focus on God always getting the Glory in everything we do, than trials would be easier to overcome. Even though waiting on God takes patience, if we can endure than God has to honor his word and heal the situation. Than now you can say that your life is a living testimony of what God can do! Now you can boldly preach the Gospel! Congradulations! You have endured the worse senario of forgiveness, we can imagine!!! God help us to endure trials and help us to stand on your word no matter what!


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