To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

When we look at the cycles of life, we can find the factual evidence written in today's scripture text. That being said, it brings me to these questions, what is your season? Are you in the planting season, or in the harvesting season, the season of casting away or putting on something new?

If we are in the planting season of our lives, then we are starting something new all with God's blessings, whereas if we are in the harvesting season, then we are reaping the benefits of the crop that we have planted, glorifying God for the harvest.

If you are casting away in the season, then it is time to plant a new crop (start a new season by planting-walking with God).

Know your season, thank God for whatever season you are in, and then be like Paul when he stated that he knew how to be comfortable regardless of his situation.

The season of accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savio is always a planting season, the walking in the light of His glory is the season of growing, and our harvesting season is bringing others to Christ.

Know your season!

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