Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

As I pondered what to write for today's message and this being the beginning of a New Year with high expectations and set goals that we wish to achieve this year. The Holy Spirit led me to write about faith as our faith will be tested on many fronts such as: political, everyday beliefs in ourselves to accomplish set goals and our Christian faith will be thoroughly tested.
These questions come to mind, in the midst of the trials that will come upon us how will we respond? Will it be one of bold faith that will enable us to stand in the face of stiff opposition? Will it be an unwavering faith that will cause us to persevere until we see the desired result?
Reflecting on this Sunday's and next Sunday's lesson studies that look at faith from different perspectives taken from the book of Daniel where his faith was tested and he was rewarded for his faith. In our society today, our resolve is being thoroughly tested on a political, moral and Christian front. Our response and measure of endurance will speak to our character, moral values and determination to be an agent of change. In the Christian community we are to boldly witness Christ; in the political arena be an agent of change, and on the moral/character fronts stand for what is right.
Allow me to encourage all that whatever front our faith is being tested we must approach it with boldness and with an unwavering commitment to be apart of the change.
All of us have a role to play in our society; therefore embrace it with boldness.

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