Many people have been wondering why I call them false prophets. If you look at these videos, since the scriptures don't convince you, you might begin to see what Israel has been Preaching & Teaching all this time on BPN. I know you will know who these guys are, and some of your congregations may be aligned with them False Teachers, and Prophets. A must see, and watch all of the videos.

Black Freemasons

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Good thread! So far, this is one topic I believe you and I will stand in agreement on.

I cannot seem to get anyone to truly address this problem. I have begun a mini series talk show on internet radio on this very subject. The series is entitled, "The Devil's Advocate: One World Order."

The invitation is extended to anyone who wishes to join in on this discussion by logging on to We encourage you to enter the Chat Room, or you can call this number 1-347-945-7469 and join in as well. My show airs live on Sunday evenings at 6 pm - 7 pm Central time.
Check out these videos. They are great information. It will make you want to have a revolution.
Bro. Hez,

I've got videos to share also, but I don't want to take up too much of this thread with all of them. I will share a couple of them that I feel you and others would want to view.
I have seen this New World Order Video. CHeck out News and Events category on this forum. I posted some thread on the 13 bloodlines, and the New World Order. Good info Sister Harris.
The Illuminati: New World Order

Illuminati Symbolism in Movies

New Word Order: The Money Masters

Yeah, these are good. I am going upload them. I hope you don't mind. I have seen the first 2 before.
No problem. All of the other videos that I have can also be found on the BPN Video page as well.
that's good. Send me any new videos your find.
Sure, I will post the links to your page and you can upload from there.
What do the rest of you false prophets think about TBN. The Trinity Broadcast Network.


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